Drama Spotlight – Jeju Island Gatsby

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As the plot would tell, this drama is basically just about two individuals who fell in love who left their lives in Seoul for a life found in Jeju Island. It has a story – a very simple one, yet left a warm and cozy emotion in the heart of every audiences who watched this drama, including myself, who is merely not a fan of Hong Sis dramas. What made me love the drama aside from other Hong Sis dramas I saw was that the humor of the story is there from the start till the last episode. The story may be simple yet it is well-organized. No draggy points to the point that I  will drop it because I’m too tired of it’s storytelling. It is simply refreshing, with simple conflicts resolved well left unquestionable as the drama reaches it’s finale. Aside from which, these are other reasons why this drama, Warm and Cozy was included in my top favorite Korean Dramas of all time

I love these two. I wish they will end up in real life…. haha … or maybe, a round 2 as a love team. Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang Sora team up was refreshing. They give life to the characters perfectly, individually, with other casts or as the love team. Others may say boring ang first episode ng Warm and Cozy but for me I enjoyed every single scene of their love story. Refreshing. I see it more on a friendship story than a love story . But they are both believable, especially when they kiss. They are really one of my favorite KDrama couple already.

For the first reason why I watched this drama is Kim Sung oh. When I found out that he will be Second Lead I was so excited and eager to watch the drama because of him. I’m a fan since The Man From Nowhere, and I can see how brilliant he is as an actor when I saw Secret Garden. Second Lead role was my dream role for him, obviously because I have Second Lead Syndrome and hoping for him to be one of my worst cases.

I admit I got the syndrome here in few cases but overall I love how Hong Sis wrote his character. Plus unexpectedly he shared a very good chemistry with Kang So ra.

The bloggers at first creepy kasi stalkers, pero they were like the narrators of every incident that happens in Sorang Town in Jeju.

Geunwoo’s brother and the lady driver at first I find them annoying but as the story progresses, I saw the charm of these love birds. They’re cute and gave me butterflies on my stomach too, despite their age. Well, that’s KDrama charm I guess.


Choi Jae sung, an actor from my favorite Time Between Dog and Wolf, made a cameo role as Geunwoo’s father who was treated as a killer, well in fact he is not. 


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