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When I first knew about this 12-episode drama, I got the interest to watch it because of a cast, Lee Jong hyun, who is a member of one of my favorite KPOP Band, CNBLUE. For that reason, I watched the first three episodes, and due to boredom, I dropped it. Not quite near to it’s finale, I have read several reviews, both positive and negative, regarding an insert of time travel. I got curious with it, so after the drama finished it’s airing, I watched it from beginning to end. With unexpected emotions occurs, it allowed me to conclude several things I loved about its drama and why it is included in my favorite.

I do not know how to rate a drama, because if I do, I rate them based on my own preference and mostly, due to favoritism. So, aside from rating them, I do this from now on – points of view through images and comments.

Yeo Jin Goo and Seol Hyun, these two just give me feels. They have great chemistry together as the main lead. At first I was not so convinced with it fully, but bit by bit I do. That kiss scene in the train, their music room scenes and every single moment together made it specially romantic.

But I could say that the most genuine part of their chemistry was when the story went back from the past. The emotions of these two were solid that it made me move into tears, especially during their last scene together for the Joseon Period.

Lee Jonghyun of CNBLUE is SHI WOO~another vampire.
Lee Jonghyun of CNBLUE is SHI WOO~another vampire.

To add spice to their love story is the second male lead played by Lee Jong hyun of my favorite band CNBLUE. He match the chemistry of the two with his own romantic moments with Seolhyun, whom like Jingoo, made good chemistry too. 

That solely moments of Mari and Shiwoo’s story of friendship and love just made me wish having a best friend like Shiwoo.

My most favorite moments of these two were during the second episode, where Shiwoo appeared to Mari right when she was about to faint, the duel in the Joseon chapter and the scene wherein Mari made Shiwoo drink her blood and turned him into a vampire and when he accompany Mari to save Jaemin. 


Also, I love how the older casts made a part as an indeed support to the characters. 

Orange Marmalade performing their songs, Dream with a Twist and many more in front of the crowd.
Orange Marmalade performing their songs like Dream with a Twist in front of the crowd.

As part of the story, the title became the name of a band group, composing the main casts and other students, sang songs which became the soundtrack. I love the soundtrack. Every song in this drama has its own meaning, defining what love and acceptance is all about. I guess that is another reason why the drama itself had solid emotions from beginning to end. How I  wished that Seolhyun and Jonghyun who are actual singers could have just recorded a track for the drama, but they did not. 


If you were to ask me if the story justified the title, I’d say YES, IT DID. The title , ORANGE MARMALADE, as defined as “Just because you are different would mean you’d be thrown away” is just the summarized version of the whole plot.


As I interpret it, this is a story of acceptance within human and vampires created through the past to transcend in the present time, bounded by music and strengthened by love and friendship~this for me is what this drama is all about, and that’s what made me love this drama.


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