Set Visit: Healing Hearts

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This unexpectedly happened. I was just on my way to work, when I saw the stars and the staff of GMA’s Afternoon Drama, HEALING HEARTS, taping their finale scenes in my workplace at Mowelfund Plaza. At first, visiting the set itself or meeting the casts was not in my mind, until my boss, encouraged me to do so.

Catch the show weekdays on GMA Afternoon Prime.
Catch the show weekdays on GMA Afternoon Prime.

So, I went to the taping site and observed. 



I saw casts like Krystal Reyes, Joyce Ching, Kristoffer Martin and Lucho Ayala waiting for their sequence. It was an all out intense and dramatic moment between these four. 

Sadly, the weather that day did not turn out well that they need to cut their taping. As for me, I followed them down to their waiting area and ask for their photos. There I also saw several casts like Ms. Mickey Ferriols. 


With Kristoffer Martin as JAY

Not yet that formal set visit that I expected, but I learned something. As what my boss would tell me, “It is a part of the work. You should learn it and be used to it.” 



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