Drama Spotlight – Scholar Who Walks The Night

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Reasons to watch: Lee Joon Gi and Lee Soo hyuk~ both are my favorite actors.

Everything started slow but smoothly…errr, except for the 90s type of background music that is so minus feels of the Joseon Era. The actors got their characters. But as I reached towards the middle going to the end, I lost interest. Too much skinship is not romance. Too much skinship does not count and emotion. I admit that I squeezed over the skinships of the main leads, SungYeol (played by Lee Joon Gi) and Yang Sun (played by Lee Yoo bi) but I appreciated the overflowing story between the capture of Gwi (played by Lee Soo Hyuk) and his indirect love line with Kim So eun, plus Shim Chang min, who got me by his simple but fruitful portrayal as King Yoon.

I skipped some scenes and reached the finale fast, with a big disappointment. I have not seen the purpose of the clues. I have not seen any connection among the characters as what I expected. But thank you still for this drama, for the actors who did well, the creative set-up of the locations and for the romantic melodies playing. Despite the disappointments, here are my favorite things about this drama:

Lee Hyun woo’s cameo. Oh how I miss this guy! In this drama, he plays the Crown Prince Junghyung who is a friend of SungYeol (played by Lee Joon Gi). It was short but surely enjoyed by fans like me.

Lee Yoo bi plays a cross-dresser scholar. She is so believable as a cross-dresser and one of my favorite among KDrama characters who did the same. She is cute when she does comedic roles, but her drama skills did not left a mark on me. I admit, she has little chemistry with Lee Joon Gi and I somehow have second lead syndrome whenever she is with Changmin’s character.

Kim So Eun, at first, I see her as much fit to be the female lead, but she landed as the second. During her first few appearance, I was not quite convinced with her character…but whenever her HyeRyung has a scene with Gwi, I can see the spark of herself being an actress. Looking forward to more of her dramas. Loved her since Boys Over Flower.

Shim Changmin, this is my first drama of him. He plays a good second lead character here, and I enjoy his chemistry with Lee Yoo Bi. I got attached with him playing as solidly King Yoon than being involved in a love triangle. 

Lee Soo Hyuk, I am surprised and impressed by how he did the character well. I enjoyed watching all his scenes as evil vampire Gwi. Never a mistake to admire this guy as an actor. He now makes a mark on acting, at least knows for more than a handsome face and a sexy appearance Thumbs up to this actor and his character. I became a fan even more.

Need to say something about Lee Joon Gi? He is good all the time. The only thing that I do not like about his character is the too much skinship with the female lead and the lack of chemistry. Overall, still the same amazing actor I so loved.

Chemistry is not about skinship. It is about emotion.

And this is chemistry….

Jin….she is the friend I treasure the most. – King Yoon to Yang sun

This too, unexpectedly…though indirectly…

While this is NOT.

This is the only thing we can do for now. ~ Sung Yeol to Yang Sun

I only see skinships but I have not felt any romantic involvement. If a love story of a human and a vampire be defined as eternal love, then let it be among an evil vampire and a girl who serves as his servant; but never be between a vampire and a scholar.

And to the soundtrack, thank you for making me fall in love and for breaking my heart into pieces. At least you, made me feel romance.


The Finale Episode SUCKS.


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