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A Korean drama which originally aired from July- August 2015 through cable channel TvN, I have lately seen it from the last week of September, up to October. I admit that I got curious with all the craze when it was first aired and with all my Korean Drama friends following it. Finally, I finished watching this 16-episode romance- fantasy drama and arrived with conclusions to why my friends got this craze towards the drama, and here are my answers:

The fun body-possession:

The chemistry and the romance:

I am a sucker for romance involved between two guys vying for the love of one girl. I always search for that wehenever I watch dramas. However, with this one, I got stuck with just the female lead and the male lead in one picture. Their chemistry was a surprise for me, that I always look forward to their skinship, as well as the thing I’m not into before, their kissing scenes. I just enjoy their company together, the way they portray the characters as well as delivering their romance. I guess it was just actors’ charm and their acting skills.

The Lead Actors

The lead stars were so good. This is my first drama for the two, and they got me even just by it’s few episodes. Jo Jung suk is one hot guy. He is so handsome and cool as Chef Kang. But behind that handsome image, this actor impressed me by the way he played the character of Kang Sun woo. Impressive. He was able to deliver the emotions of his character, as well as the development it undergoes as the story revolves. I  say this as a fan of second male lead. But here, I totally fell in love with him and his character at first sight. From someone who seems so cold into someone who is so romantic and yeah, every girl’s dream guy, Jungsuk have it a refreshing and perfect breath.

His counterpart is Park Bo young. She may be small but hey she is very charming. I like how she played both ghost Soon ae (whenever she was possessed) and as Na Bong sun, the simple and weak dishwasher. I like how she distingtly played both being cheerful and weak. I enjoyed watching her in her two characters. I became an instant fan of these two and I look forward to more of their projects….and Jo Jung suk, welcome to my Oppa Library.

Other Characters I Like

Aside from the pervert ghost and our oh-so-adorable OTP, these characters just made me love this drama even more. I could say that without the OTP’s interactions, I would still watch and enjoy it because of them.

The Story:
This is romance and comedy, at its finest, but then several times, prepare to cry over dramatic moments of Soon ae the ghost, involving her family as well as the attachment grown between her and the OTP. Aside from it, it has an intense suspense too. I never realized that the suspense plot was a big part of the story as a whole. I don’t find it annoying. I just look into it as some other spice of the drama, which made it interesting to watch.

ghostess16-00442 “I wasn’t a virgin ghost. I am just a ghost with deep, unresolved grudge,” were the words of Soon ae which defines why the poseession happened. Here is aclearer vision that the more than just the romance between the characters, but as well as having an unsolved colflicts being resolved as the possession happened. One was part of the other, and no one was left out. The policeman though, was a very good villain. To what suspense storyline it has, it is for you to watch. Swear, it is a breath-taking intense scenario.ghostess5-00133


Unlike the usual Korean Drama workplace, these drama offers us a work place which made us crave for food. The funny thoughts and other emotions connected with Sun Restaurant was one of the reason why i like this drama. It is new, refreshing and ehhh…. mouth-watering.

Thought for the few times, I got bored over some scenes, I gave this drama a positive rank saying that this became one of my personal favorite already, and yes, so far my best this year among the dramas I saw. I recommend this, really. You would’nt regret it.


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