Drama Spotlight: Twenty Again / Second Time Twenty Years Old

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I don’t know how should I write this review regarding this drama, rather, I would like to point out few things to why this drama got an interest for me.


Surprising to my part, I like Lee Sang Yoon’s performance as Cha Hyun suk . He impressed me, while I dropped his former drama, Liar Game and didn’t like any bit of him. But here, even in just few minutes, he did impressed me.


Choi Ji Woo, this woman is classic. She never gets old whenever she portrays a character.  I like how she plays the role of Ha No-Ra. Just perfect.


Choi Won Young on the other hand, surprised me too as he plays the “ex-husband” Kim Woo chul. The last time I saw him was in The Heirs and heard him in different dramas recently. What surprised me was the fact that he is actually a good actor and that he unexpectedly got me Second Lead Syndrome. 

The chemistry of these three stars were also surprising. I was surprised that Lee Sang Yoon and Choi Ji Woo has such chemistry and well as the lady to Choi Won Young. I love the throwing of lines between these three two. It intensely hit me, that after their every scene, emotions can still be felt by the audience.


We know that the story is basically No-ra coming back to college because she wants to experience the life she haven’t when she was 20. However, more than the challenges of the 38-year-old woman entering a university, is her story involving the people she met during the entire span of her college life.

It is hard for someone like No-ra to match the level of her classmates, especially that she is twenty times older than them. However, through the help and encouragement of Hyun suk, No-ra was able to gain friends in the presence of Seung Mi and Soon Nam, as well as enjoy college more than what she expected it would be.

The sweet ingredient of romance is the reviving first love emotion of Nora and Hyunsuk. There may be rejections and denial however in the end, the heart prevails. I can say that Hyun suk is a good man for No-ra because he was the one who brought back the old self of No-ra even if she herself thought she couldn’t make it anymore.

The thought of doing things together or attending into her emotional needs unknowingly became the cause why their hearts cross and fall in love once again. A love which was confirmed when the time capsul was opened, wishes were heard and kisses sealed it.

What made No-ra’s life miserable was her young lust with Kim Woo chul. That one night stand ended with marriage without love. As it goes on, love vanishes, so as No-ra being caged in the world that is Woochul. That is when they decided to get divorce. Unknown to her, the reason why her husband wants her divorce was because he has a mistress, whom he used in order to gain a higher status as a university professor. As his will to pursue divorce happens, so as the return of No-ra’s first love, Hyun suk, happened. That when every time he sees her happy with another man he realizes that bit by bit, he once again fell for his wife….this time for real.

I know for some fans it is quite hard to believe that the jerk ex-husband Woo chul actually fell for No-ra once again, for real, but as I watched the drama, evidences came out…that if you know how to read their body languages. 

My heart breaks every time Woo chul makes good deeds towards Nora or every time he faces Hyun suk, because aside form knowing that it seems too late, it is obvious that every time this happens he is hurting twice the pain No-ra felt in the past. As they say love is equal to pain. His love for her may regain, but everything seems over between them. At least, it ended with I’M SORRY and THANK YOU.

Another conflict in No-ra’s life was with her son, Min soo. He seems to hate her presence. He doesn’t like his mother to be his college buddy, but when he knew that No-ra tries every possibility for them not to meet at school, he felt the emptiness, especially that even at school, No-ra cares for him. The turning point of Minsoo as a son was when he knew about the fake cancer sickness of his mom, he felt the possible loss of her presence in his life. That is when he saw all the efforts of his mother just to gain his love too. 

Aside from these reasons, I could say that just watch this drama and feel the emotions. The drama is more than just what I wrote. If you focus on the dialogue as well as the story, it will hit you deeply in your heart. You will get why this drama has made an impact on me. I cannot decide it whether to pick this as my favorite drama for this year, 2015, but I can say that this is a candidate. Minding that the writer of this drama is one of my all time favorite.


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