Drama Spotlight: Splash Splash Love

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Short with just 2 episodes, but consistent with the story. Straightforward and positive ending.


This is what I felt when I saw Splash, Splash Love. I admit that got traumatized with these time-travel themed dramas due to the failure of Marry Him If You Dare, but I enjoyed this one.


What made me love the story, is that, even though the Joseon characters exist in the past, really, they find way and means to make it fictional without destroying the history. The interaction of two worlds, past and future, allowed you to see a “What would it be” image of the history. But then, even though it turned out that way, the story concluded without destroying the historical side of this drama. 

Kim Seul Gi is Jang Dan bi

Kim Seul Gi nailed her character, with her funny faces and comedic side. I like how she did not made her character overacting. In dramatic moments, I can see that she did tried hard.

Doo Joon is King Lee Do

As for Doo joon of BEAST, aside from the fact that he owns a very handsome face, unlike some KPOP idols I saw, this singer-actor knows when to deliver his specific character. In fairness to him he can match the skills of Seul Gi, whom, unlike him, had more exposure in acting.


Believe it or not, I enjoyed the chemistry of these two. When I look at them, it seems that they were just playing around, yet were able to deliver the romance in the story well.

Recommendation? Well, yes, if you are into time travel,  watch this and I assure you that you wouldn’t be disappointed.


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