Drama Spotlight: Conspiracy in the Court

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From curiosity, I ended up loving this Korean Drama. More than the satisfaction of being entertained, after watching Conspiracy in the Court, I felt lucky to witness such masterpiece, pitched perfect.

A KDrama friend posted that some scenes of this drama are too brutal, so I released the suspense-action fan in me and gave it a try. From its Opening Billboard, which was excellently made, to its finale scene, I can say that this drama can be considered a gift for those who have seen it. Whatever country you belong, this one was an eye opener.

Of course, though I may say that everything in this drama was great, I could still point out my favorite things about this drama…and here are the list:


We may get used to dramas which cast popular actors and we are fond of it. Yes, but this drama proved out that you don’t need popular actors to create a great dramatic masterpiece. I love the lead stars~they are all brilliant in their characters. They have this unique charm which allowed them to bring out the characters they portrayed.


The lead actor, at first I did not felt his character and sees it as someone who is weak. However through series of his interaction with other characters, he came to show that his being weak-like is a part of it. He nailed it too.


The lead actress, I thought she would be a bit lousy. However as the story progresses, she proved that her performance was as fierce as her character. Her soft voice in the drama is just a small part of her being fierce.


The one who impressed me most is the Second Male Lead, not because I have Second Male Lead syndrome but because this actor flawlessly and constantly delivered such a great performance from start to finish. His presence was strong, as well as the way he uttered his dialogues. Sometimes, I could feel that he is more lead than the lead himself.




I love the chemistry of these three. They seemed to enjoy being each other’s co-stars. I can feel the team work and the way they pulled out the goodness as an actor in each one to make their scenes strong enough for their audience.

Other characters are lovable and brilliant. Among them, are these four:



Brilliant ~no words other than this. It was a suave editing for beginning to end. I am so happy to see it in director’s cut version, because I felt that every scene and every action the characters made in this drama is connected to the other. I love the use of some symbolism. The close ups were not as annoying as it usually is, because it allowed the deeper thoughts of the characters to come out. The fight scenes were seems so real. When my KDrama friend posted that it was brutal and when I saw it, I didn’t felt any brutality at all, or maybe the director’s hands just made it more realistic. The blood and scratches too adds to the story.


This drama has many plots- politics, suspense, romance, drama, etc. If it would just be any ordinary drama, I would have dropped it because it became so complicated. But what this writer of the drama showed in all 8 episodes was how one relates to the other, how one character became a connection to the other. If you allow yourself to focus on every plot, you would easily understand the story. It is amazing to watch a story which started in crime, placed an icing of romance towards the middle and placed a heartbreaking finale.  Another interesting fact about the storytelling is that every episode has a surprise which made you want to push through to the next episode to see its continuation. If I would summarize, the story in photos, here it is:



I define its dialogue as poetic, all thanks to the deep words being used in English subtitle. I know we do not understand the exact word being uttered by the actors in the videos, but just the mere fact of reading the subtitle felt like it was not a dialogue but a poetry being turned into the drama. Among my favorite dialogues are the following:



MAN-OH’S CONFESSION This varlet, when your clan fell into ruin and you became just as lowly as I am rejoiced as if his heart was pounding him back into life…and that is because not for a single moment has this heart of mine stopped fermenting ardent wishes about you. Lady, would being my merchant of faculty be what helped me to endure all the harrowing throes I was subjected to? It was a beautiful world so fervently gracing your thoughts that did. May you accept my devotion. Even if the entire creation is bestowed upon me, it will be providence devoid of your embrace. I shall forever maunder the Hades cursing this destiny of mine.
CONSPIRACY IN THE COURT If you never aspire for them, how could you ever fulfill your wishes? A world that will grant them what their efforts deserve, is that what so-called courtiers like ourselves should create? If you know how to forget, do it. But it shan’t be easy. I wish to know the truth. If you do, would you be able to handle it? Whose future would that be? That of the people of Joseon and their descendants. How could you protect your convictions without sacrifices? If dread could sway me, how could I ever stake my all for this? As reality derides, my most fervent convictions, and as my every aspiration becomes the seed of lamentable sacrifices, is my never giving up truly the answer? My last fervent hope, is my country…Joseon.

I love it. It helps in narrating the story. But if you’ll ask me if what was my favorite among the soundtrack, it would be the music being played on the opening billboard and the main love theme of the drama. Just those two were enough.





I can say that this review of mine is not enough to express how “Pitched perfect” this drama is. Rather, I would say WATCH IT. You will not regret. It is a total package drama, from the brilliant cast, excellent directing, eye-opening plot and lovely OST, you would truly say, “I deserve to watch dramas like this.”


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