Drama Spotlight: Oh My Venus

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Aired November 2015 and ended January 2016, Oh My Venus is one of the funniest, most romantic and heartwarming dramas I saw. I could compare the emotions I felt here while watching Warm and Cozy in the past, but at least here, I got better supporting cast and excellent lead stars.



So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah definitely has that chemistry few team ups in Korean Dramas can do. I love the way they portrayed their characters. Very lovable as much as their love story. I love their interactions as well as their skin ships. The proposal scene was definitely  the most creative I have seen so far in a Korean Drama. The way they played the scene also suited the moment, that it made me imagine that I was on Shin Min ah’s place.



Unlike other dramas which tackles the same theme of physical transformation, I am impressed how the writer of this drama emphasizes inner beauty that what is seen by the naked eye. I love how he plotted such exercise drama into something which actually teaches its audiences about healing.


As the drama progresses, we can all see “healing” in every character. I love how they used the band aid to tell a story. All that happens when one girl entered their lives, allowed herself to transform into a beautiful swan. As her transformation happened, people around her also found themselves unknowingly healing the heartaches in their heart.

While others consider fat girls as ugly, Shin Min Ah and her charismatic character showed with confidence that beauty is not the ones being seen by the eye but the one being felt by the heart.



Another positive thing about this drama are the presence of the supporting cast namely Henry Lau, Sung Hoon, Jung Hye Seong, the secretary, the best friend and the parents.



Just like the leads, they too spell chemistry. I can sense teamwork in this romantic comedy drama. While mostly I got annoyed by side couples, I love Sung hoon and Jung Hye Seong so much. Their chemistry and their story seems wants to top the OTP’s. I love their kissing scene.



The OST of this drama is admirable too. My most favorite track is Darling U sung by Kim Tae Woo.

Though some scenes may be a bit draggy, especially the company matters – except for the appearance of one of my favorite Korean veteran actor, Choi Il-wa, I hate the existence of the second female and male lead. Unlike the leads and side couple’s story, theirs is so annoying, that it makes me want to skip their scenes.


At least for Yoo In Young, I like how she portrayed the role of Shin Min Ah’s insecure boss, but the second male lead actor, Jung Gyu woon, I did not felt his presence at all, except during the first episode. I could not feel him as the “third wheel” as how the drama articles would say. PicsArt_01-17-07.09.55

Overall, with chemistry, fun and heartwarming theme, I can recommend this to all Korean Drama fans who wants to feel positive about themselves, and as usual, those who wants to fall in love.




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