Drama Spotlight: I Need Romance 3

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More that just a curiosity of seeing Nam Goong min whom I currently enjoyed watching his villain roles, I came across this cute love story aired at TvN last 2014. This is the third installment of one of the most popular series in KDrama Land: I Need Romance.

At first I thought, this drama is a plain kiss and bed moments, but as I started watching it, I came to realize that the charm of this drama is not on that kiss and bed actions done by its cast but on every element to which I call as sexy.

SEXY EVERYTHING ~as what I would define this drama~ ARE THE FOLLOWING:

Chemistry and Skinship

I love them all! The  Noona Romance got me at their first encounter. Sung Joon and Kim So Yeon had such lovely chemistry. This is actually my second noona romance and I really love watching their interactions.


For Nam Goong min, wow. I don’t know what charm this guy has but I really feel the positive side of his character, different from the ones I felt when I’m watching him on Remember. You would know then that throughout the drama, his character is a nice guy. I actually cannot pick between him and Sung Joon’s character because I love them both for the lady. The skinships though, the kisses and the dialogues are swoon worthy than the ones being done by Sung Joon – at least for me.


I also love his chemistry with Wang Ji Won, whom I liked since her cameo in The Heirs. In here, I first find her character annoying, but after which she has grown in me.

The other two couples are cute too, just by basing on their interactions and story. Admittedly at first, I find them annoying and childish, bu as the story moves to the last few episodes, I have loved watching their interactions.




I love every word being uttered by the cast. I love the narrations of the characters to deliver the story further. I thought that being sexy would only base on action, but I actually found it sexier when actors speak words to made a scene sweet, cute and hot. Here are some of the dialogues I love:


Unlike the thing we would expect from mature dramas like this, INR3 gave such creative shots and production in terms of their popular kiss and bed encounters. It doesn’t may seem so real but it believably mean that love is respecting the other.



It’s cute, the leads’ story, from childhood to present. I also love the ex lovers’ kiss and break up affair and the second lead syndrome. I also like how it was pictured that one-night-stand could unknowingly end with happy ever after as well as how friendship pictured the better way of courtship.


Sadly, some instrumental music of this drama was not released however, I still love their choice of music and instruments to make this drama be as sensual as not being it is, and being the sweetest. Now and Forever’s lyrics and melody fit to be the main theme of the drama in totality.

Recommendations? I don’t think so. Well, yes, if you love cute scenes, wants to fall in love with a noona romance drama, and seeing the sweeter side of Nam Goong Min then I would.






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