Drama Spotlight: Remember – War of the Son

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It’s nice to see two brilliant actors in one drama. I am talking of Yoo Seung Ho and Nam Goong min.


Though this is my first drama of Goong min, he got a wow in me the moment he entered the scene.

As for Seung ho, during the first few episodes, he did not caught my attention, but when his character turned fierce, that’s when I saw his being “best”.(koreandramabucket)12748389_174172862955643_1147569072_nPicsArt_01-08-12.00.10

No definite words to describe how amazing these two are when they are on the scene. They are my favorite parts of the drama.


I hate court dramas, however I enjoy this one a lot. It is intense in every situation especially the chasing and escape of Gyuman, the bad guys and Jinwoo and his group.


As for the chemistry, though there is less romance, I can see the team work between actors. Park Min Young and Yoo Seung ho defined chemistry as not just more on skinships and kissing.


Unexpectedly, Nam Goong min and Park Min young also proved that sparks is not just between those who are connected by a love line. I love the contractual but genuine loyalty of Park Sun woong and Yoo Seung ho.

I love to see Park Min young in another melodrama. I enjoyed her performance here as In-ah. Not overacting but natural.



Same goes with Jung Hye sung. I am surprise with this girl’s performance. I watched her both here and Oh My Venus and she did make a distinctive performance between her two characters. She proved that even if she is a rookie, she can do a match with her seniors.


The rest of the cast were good too except for some stupid cops and detectives ( not those who are directly bribed).

Production wise, even though we know it’s quite expensive, but the tactics of making Gyu Mna destroy things, from laptops to cars, very well depicted his being someone who is having his Anger Management Disorder. It became believable with Goong min’s performance of the character.


Some court scenes, I don’t know how natural could it be, but I guess were just carried by the actors themselves. Believable.

Some scenes in the drama may be draggy bust most of the time I enjoyed watching it. Recommendations? Well, it is rare to watch a drama with such good cast ensemble. If you are into poured out acting from actors and intense scenes, I recommend this one for you.


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