Drama Spotlight: Cheese In The Trap

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I waited for months before it started airing. I waited from the moment they announced that Park Hae Jin was the cast, because I read the plot and I got interested with it. My anticipation for the drama arouses when the announcement of Seo Kang Joon being the second male lead happened. As I started watching the trailer of the drama, my anticipation got even higher, because I was amazed on the way Kim Go eun played her character.

These feelings were not a waste as I came to wait and watch each episodes of Cheese in the Trap up to its finale. I admit that some scenes were boring, but as the story moves forward, I got stuck to it. There were many times when I thought of dropping it, but every time I attempted to do, the drama always gives me something for me to continue to go on. Gladly, I finished all 16 episodes with a very satisfying feeling. Regarding the issue arousing in this drama, I would say my stand in it here. Note, that I have not read the webtoon and no plans to do so.

I love the way Park Hae Jin, Kim Go eun and Seo Kang Joon played their roles. It was believable, to the point that I got carried away by the characters through their performances.


Park Hae Jin made me both hate and love Yoo Jung. Hate because of the personality which does no care about the feelings of other people. Another reason was the being too possessive of his character towards every thing he owns, including the woman he loves. I do not like how manipulative he is in some ways.


However, I like how Jung turns into a cute little child in other picture of the drama. I love watching his scenes with Kim Go Eun. Their skinships were just few of which I love when it matters to the OTP. I love the teamwork and chemistry within the two.


As for Kim Go eun, what more can I say? She was just perfect in her performance. She perfectly turned Hong Seol into an adorable, sweet, clumsy yet lovable type of female character. Her way of portraying the character was lovely, that you would never get tired of watching her presence onscreen. I also love her chemistry with Park Hae Jin and Seo Kang Joon.


This is my second drama of Seo Kang Joon, and I love how I could distinguish the other character from him now as Baek In ho. I love Seo Kang Joon and the way he played Inho so much. I love the character because I find bad ass characters in dramas more interesting than the usual male lead. Though Jung is also different from the other male characters, but Inho just stole my heart with his bad ass but sweet and caring image.


I was so drawn to his story, the piano and his feelings for Seol. I love the teasing and make-ups and I love watching him playing the piano in every scene. For me, those were the most refreshing parts of the drama. It is not just a basic piano scene for Inho but the scenes were full of emotions. This character is definitely one of my favorite second male lead characters already. Thaks to Kang-joon’s believable performance and undeniable charm.


As for the other cast of the story, the second female lead Baek In ha played by Lee Sung Kyung, got me annoyed all throughout the drama. However, some of her scenes were pretty acceptable and as the finale came closer, I came to understand her character. I saw the special interview and I am so amazed how she herself got enlightened by her own
complicated character. Among the four, she was the one who did interpret her character well, and that was a point for me.

The best friends Bo ra and Eun Taek, were cute just being Seol’s naughty friends, but when they were just on their own scene, it made me want to skip their scenes. The rest of the cast, classmates and family members did well in their performance. As what I’ve said, the charm is not on the beginning but on the process of the story.

I love the story so much. Not your ordinary one. On others, we always see cliche stories as hate-love-break-up-love. Too cliche. But in here, Cheese in the Trap defined a story of how one’s inner being could affect the people around him.


It is not focused on the “love” story of Seol and Jung but on how and why Seol came to understood the side of Jung which was being criticized by the people around them. For Seol, it is the matter of knowing and understanding the differences of others, as how she should understand herself.


For Inho, through Seol, he found out that playing piano was just not for fame and recognition but being able to relay emotions while playing them. For Inha, she lacks affection from her family, the reason why she kept begging for material things. It became her source of letting out of the loneliness inside her.

They say Kang joon got most of the spotlight. Yes, maybe it is true, however, it doesn’t mean Hae jin was not able to bring his character to his own spotlight. I saw both Jung and Inho in the picture throughout the drama. The length of time of appearance in the drama was not the important thing here.


The most important thing is the impact they made on the viewers even if they had small screen time. I can be a witness that it can happened, because of Shut Up Flower Boyband. The original leader’s presence lasted for four episodes only, but his presence can be felt all throughout the drama.

Whatever happened to Hae Jin as the story approaches episodes 9-14 is basically not Seo Kang Joon’s fault or whoever. The story still went to the proper flow and every questions were answered as they arrived to the finale. I think that was the main point here.


For some, the ending was a trash, but it is not. It was not a trash, but an open ending. Some dramas were like that. They allowed the audience to pick the endings of their choice. Not all things were being spoon-feed by the writers and directors. That was one thing which I actually love about Korean Dramas.

I can detect if the story was destroyed or not, because of the answers to my questions as I finished it. In the case of this drama, Cheese in the Trap got solid from beginning to end. Do not focus on scenes, instead, read the dialogues too. Sometimes, the scenes we expect are in the dialogues.

Cheese in the Trap is such a poetic title. For me, it is not just one person being trapped to the other. It is YOU as the rat, the TRAP is the hard emotions inside you which cannot let you go on your own and the CHEESE is the inspiration to let go of that feeling, the person you love.

Recommendation? Yes, I recommend this. This is another unique story from other Korean Dramas. Rare to find. But hey, do not focus on the scenes alone, instead read the dialogue. Just enjoy the ride and you will reach the open ending destination of the journey of Jung, Seol, Inho and all Cheese in the Trap characters…plus the OST was jjang!


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    totallyclueless said:
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    HUHUHUHU your InHo comments made me cry 😦 I love him so much! How do we even get over this???

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    List of KDramas – The Pen said:
    February 7, 2017 at 7:50 am

    […] Cheese in the Trap […]


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