Drama Spotlight: Madame Antoine

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I actually fastest forwarded the finale episodes, because of the clues, I have predicted the outcome that it lacks my interest. However, I felt obligated to tell my reaction about it.

Both Sung Joon and Han Ye Seul gave a powerful chemistry in this drama. I also like that their characters are different from the others I saw. I love their scenes together.


I also love the story. From an experiment to a real love story. There is the thrill especially on Sung Joon’s part that he unexpectedly broke his own experiment. I also like the  cases being tackled in this drama, involving the patients with different psychological problems. What made me appreciate it most, is that through those psychological problems, the main characters also discovered its relevance to their lives. Of course, it also pictured out the different kinds of love, longing, friendship and sacrifice.

The worst things in this drama are the side couples. Seung Chan is actually a good character. I also enjoyed his scenes with Hye rim. However I am most annoyed with the professor of Soo hyun who creates a love interest on Seung chan. A great disturbance to the love triangle. Another one is the relationship of the sister of Hyerim and Soo hyun’s assistant/ Childish crap of subplot.

Other that recommending, I would just say that this drama is another unique love story apart from what we were used to. For you, if you want to enjoy a roller coaster ride of emotions and discover love, then watch this. But as for me, one is enough, thank you.




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