Drama Spotlight: One More Happy Ending

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Fast-forward, but I can understood the story and I can point out the things I love about this drama.


I love Jung Kyung Ho and Jang Na Ra as the OTP. I cannot say that they are perfect together, but I would only say that I enjoyed their team work together in a romantic comedy. Other than being able to make hearts skip through their scenes, they gave me this feeling of being able to smile as they were on the screen. Jang Nara is always a good comedy actress. Jung Kyung Ho as well, never failed to make girls swoon over him.


Aside from these two, I would also compliment Kwon Yool, who never failed to make me swoon on the way he plays the second male lead character. He is not as strong as my other favorite second lead characters, but I appreciate his performance in this drama. At least he was not that boring type. Thanks to him, I enjoyed the love triangle from episodes 3-8.


Another favorite of mine is Yoo Da In and Kim Tae Hoon who played married couple going through a divorce problem. I love them. Very realistic. I sense love in them more that in the main OTP. I can feel my watery eyes in some of their scenes, yet felt happiness when I saw them reconciled.

I love the dialogues in this drama. Mostly are confession scenes. As how would I define “kilig” now, those lines were heart racing. Here are some of my favorite:




The ending was cute! I absolutely, fckingly love the proposal scene.

Other than that, no more. Yoo In Ah and the rest of the cast were annoying all throughout. I guess they are the reasons why I also fast forwarded this drama. It’s entertaining and cheesy. Just for some reasons to smile, giggle and fall in love. It is not worth repeating, for me, just once is enough.





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