Drama Spotlight: Page Turner

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Short, open ending but full of emotions. That is how I would describe Page Turner, a 3 episode KBS Drama Special.


I feel so high on this drama. I thought it will be like any high school setting Korean Dramas I saw, but it was more than that. There are no cheesy love lines, but sincere friendships being created. I like how instead of love lines ,they used friendship and piano as their story. Aside fro that, I also like how the parents get involved in the things around the three main characters.

The female lead is not the usual one we see.

She is a brat. But behind that brat attitude is someone who is like trapped inside the cage. Kim So hyun nailed her character. I am not her fan for a long time because I hate how she used to carry her characters even from the start, but she got me here the moment she entered the scene.Page-Turner-Poster2

The two male leads were opposite outside but similar inside. The one was carefree while the other was a serious one; but both are wounded.

Ji Soo, I admit I enjoyed his chemistry with Sohyun but it is solely because of the character. I see lack in the way he portrays it. Sometimes, he got a bit over acting, but bearable.

Shin Jae Ha, on the other hand, I love the way he plays the character. So realistic, especially if it matters between his rivalry with Kim So Hyun in the piano and his hidden admiration for her.


Actually, there is really no love line in the story, but my feelings, whenever these three interact with each other, says otherwise. I love the chemistry. I love how instead of love, friendship became the reason for their emotional wounds to be healed.

That final scene though……….some questions were unanswered, but the final scene was enough to cover what hasn’t been told. Heart pounding and beautiful editing and cinematography for the story and the three cast. I love music and I love piano so I say that this is one of the most beautiful dramas I saw.

Short but with a heart.


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