Drama Spotlight: Come Back, Mister

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One of the few dramas which I consider that has a solid pilot. When you define a pilot as an eye of the drama, an introduction of how things happened, Come Back Mister offers you it. Just by it’s pilot, a lot of emotions were already seen.

As the lead stars, Rain and Oh Yeon Seo appeared, the fun of the show happened. It is for the reason that their characters are possessed by another person, and the excitement of how they will be able to live by it is there. I love the chemistry of these two. I very much enjoy their interactions.

Moving to the story, few episodes after that excellent pilot, the pacing became slow. Some scenes which seemed unnecessary were seen and the actors’ performance are limited.

Approaching to the main plot and appearances of other characters at episode 5, the drama returned to, not as good as the pilot, but something you just cannot say you will stop watching the drama already.


I do not know if it is the character itself, but Rain’s performance of facing the problems of his character were too off for me. Even the way he handles scenes with Lee Min Jung, who uses the same acting as I saw, were off too. However, as it reached the last few episodes of the drama, they grew in me.

The one who gave a stellar performance in this drama was Oh Yeon Seo, who played a beautiful lady possessed by a gangster. She was superb in playing her character, both in male and female instincts. I got carried away by her character’s story. Surprisingly,. even her sis-mance with actress Honey Lee is one of my favorite things in this drama too. I see love in them even if they are both ladies and knowing that the other is possessed by a man. They were both very convincing.

My other favorite casts in this drama are Choi Woo Young ahjussi, who made me hate his evil character but loved watching his scenes especially involving both ladies, YeonSeo and Honey. Same goes with Lee Tae Hwan, a loyal companion, whom I ship with Oh Yeon Seo’s character despite the story involving them. The third wheel in Rain-Lee Min jung drama was off for me. He did not manage to make his less exposure bigger to me as an audience.

After watching this drama, there is just one thing I confirmed: from the pilot, I am most glad to pick this over Descendants of the Sun, whom my favorite KDrama writer wrote. This drama, Come Back Mister though has flows, but has everything in surprise.



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