Drama Spotlight: My Secret Hotel

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To see Nam Goong min in a drama with a romance angle has been my goal after watching him playing two villain characters. I am already done with the one, I Need Romance 3, and this one is the second.


Good thing he was the Second Male Lead. I totally fell for the way he played the character of Sung Gyum. I love watching him and Yoo In Na, the female lead of the drama. There were three scenes which made me think I wish I was in her shoes, because Sung Gyum’s sweetness to the female lead just made me feel it too.

I thought I would fell Second Lead Syndrome until the drama finishes, but I was wrong. I love watching Yoo In Na and her leading man Jin Lee-han more than Goong min’s character even. Their love story was interesting even from the start. I really fell for their romantic reunion as former husband and wife, and squeezed over their quarrels and make-ups.vlcsnap-2016-04-25-14h46m12s92

They said this drama is not just romcom but also suspense. I saw it, but I did not felt it, because the suspense parts always comes in at a wrong pace when the story just reached into something exciting. Rather than giving me some thrill, it destroys my mood.

That is the reason why I fast forwarded and became too lazy to understand the point of the drama. Sometimes, even some scenes were repeatedly shown without letting it be. Thanks to the main leads, I endured it. Still, the romance plot made me smile.



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