Drama Spotlight: Dae Jang Geum

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When I was young, I saw the teaser of this drama in our local television. Back then, it was entitled Jewel in the Palace. I got amazed by the costumes and crave for the food being shown. Though I was already hooked in KDramas that time, I told myself to watch it when I grow up.

Ten years later, I did and I finished it. To mark, it is the longest drama I have seen so far.


I call this drama as the historical rags to riches story. Though being rich would not mean power and money. From beginning to end, did not I think that I got bored or I want to stop watching it already. The mouthwatering food…it is one of my favorite things in this drama. After watching it, I hoped to see and taste each of what was in the drama itself. It is just one of the few things I really love about this drama. Aside from which, the thrill comes to the part which you want to see the success of the main character of this drama. From the moment her parents met, to her happy ever after with her lover, I enjoyed it.  Every scene is like a beautiful picture. Much more relating if you are a girl. Her life may be fictional, but her story is more than just a drama. It became a source of inspiration.


Lee Young Ae excellently delivered this character. Every emotions and words being uttered were believable and genuine. Her bittersweet story of success wouldn’t have been complete without her amazing costars, from companions to villains. Her chemistry with Ji Jin Hee just proved that no kiss and hugs are needed in order to form a love story. Im Ho, who plays the king, his devotion to Young-Ae is just the sweetest bonus in this saeguk drama. It was short but the sincerity of the way these three delivered the love triangle was more genuine than what I saw in these recent dramas. It made the story even more beautiful. The music being played throughout the drama made me feel the presence as if I was there.

Now I know why this is one of the highest rated Korean Drama of all times. Beautiful everything in its simplest ways.


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