Drama Spotlight: Full House Take 2

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To the writer of this drama, thank you for destroying the original definition of the title. Full House, “House full of love”.

I have read a lot of negative reviews about this drama in the past that I did not bother to watch this though I was curious. Until such time, one of its cast, Park Ki Woong, became the new apple of my eye in KDrama land. As my usual self as a Hallyu actor fan, the curiosity of seeing your actor in different characters is there, so I dared to watch and finish it.

Yes, the drama has a story, but the story is shallow. Though I admit that I had fun watching the chemistry of the stars and the story itself, I still consider it as watching for entertainment only, like my other drama, Warm and Cozy. This is the first drama of No Min Woo that I finished. I love him playing mean characters, and for Hwang Jung Eum, I am her closet fan and she did not fail to make me laugh again by her romantic-comedy charms.  As for my reason, Park Ki Woong, at first, I was not too attached to his character…just few laughter and that’s all. However, as the story progresses and his scenes turned into dramatic one, I got attached. It’s good to see how he is good in dramatic scenes. Still, the characters in this drama were “empty”. This drama has nothing special, just for fun and entertainment. Another thing is that, the story doesn’t tell about the title.

However, there are only two things in this drama which made a mark in me as a KDrama Fan. One is Ailee’s OST Love Note and the “Shall We Dance” scene of Park Ki Woong and Hwang Jung Eum in one of its episodes.


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