Drama Spotlight: La Dolce Vita / A Bittersweet Life

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This is the best love affair story I have ever known. This is the type of affair story which tackles lust and love in the level of second chances, and desire to live on.

No one involved in the love quadrangle is being left out. Each has an equal story and emotion to tell. The chemistry is not a problem in the drama: husband and wife, one sided love and even the lover of both sides has it. The third wheels even support the leads in revealing their real emotions.

Yoon Hye Jin is the wife who is trapped in a thought that her world only revolves around her husband and her kids. Her involvement in an affair is because of the desire to live her life with freedom. Her points of view always hit on the spot. Oh Yeon Soo delivered it attractively.

Ha Dong Won played by my new favorite actor, Jung Bo suk, is the type of husband I want to see in every affair drama. He is not the typical husband who has just an affair and that’s all. His desire for his mistress is there. However, what I like most about his character is the ride of emotions of pain and love being covered with pride I was seeing when his wife admitted that she likes someone else.  My heart got torn into pieces whenever any sequences would define it and Mr. Jung excellently delivered his character flawlessly without any confusion.


The mistress, played by Park Si Yeon is the type of a mistress wherein you will never realize you already love her character. I like how she is not that type of mistress who would badly go after the husband and desire for bed pleasures. Emotionally speaking, I love watching her one sided love with the wife’s lover.  This drama will make you say she and her character deserve to bag the best second female lead award in a drama.

Lee Junsoo is Lee Dong Wook’s best performance to date. At first, I was not too attracted to his character, however, as the story moves forward, I got to see the greatness. Complex yet he was able to picture it out to his audience. Still, that ending shattered my heart into pieces.

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The usual elements of an affair love story which are love scenes and kiss scenes were beautifully executed by the intelligent eyes and hands of this drama’s cinematographer. What made me say that this drama is the best affair story is because this is the type which shows emotions through series of facial expressions, body language and heart wrecking dialogues. The beauty of this drama is not how it beings or how it ended, but it is on what happened during the span of the chasing and secret affairs. It is the emotion every character delivered throughout the story.


The other characters I like were Da Ae’s best friend and the kids of Hyejin and Dongwon.

The two things which I do not like in this drama is the subplot of SeungGo, though I love how it helps in forming the character of Junsoo, and the best friend of Hye Jin whom in some scene were too overacting, though I like how she became the bridge of the separated couple.

One word to define the soundtrack of this drama: NOSTALGIC. I love how every entrance of the soundtrack increases my feels in every scene this drama has….most especially Love Flower.

Yes, I recommend all fans of love stories, love affair stories and Korean Drama fans to watch this one. This is not your typical love affair drama. This is one of the best love stories ever told and the best affair love story ever written; Heartbreaking. Bold. Intelligent. Beautiful.
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