Drama Spotlight: Spring Days

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When we speak of legit feels, it is not because of the cheesy lines or too much skinship. It is because of you finding yourself immersing on the emotions of the characters of the drama you are watching. Normally, this happens unexpectedly.

This is my third drama of Jo In Sung, but the first one I really enjoyed. His character is the male lead, and I always fall for second male leads, but throughout the drama, my eyes were glued whenever he is on screen. That character of a badass but very soft inside. Those were the types of lead characters I wanna see. I know there are a lot, but only fewest actors could make it charismatic…and sexy.  Jo In Sung solely fit that kind of roles. This drama made me love him.


Another thing which made me love this melodrama is the chemistry of Go Hyun Jung and Jo In Sung. Very solid. I cannot imagine any actress could do such chemistry with him other than her. The ones which you would also feel the feeling of falling in love while watching their love story. I love the approach of their characters from beginning to end. I do not need too much skinships, just the way they interact were enough for me, really. The background music of the drama, mixing both ballad and jazz made feel it more romantic.

I can say that Go Hyun Jung is indeed one of the best in Korea. Even by just the way she speaks her dialogues without much efforts made her believable in her character. She is beautiful without trying to be. The charm just flows without knowing it. She suits her character, very simple and lovely, and she matches chemistry with both actors, In Sung and Ji Jin Hee.


For me, Ji Jin Hee is just like a bonus. His having amnesia is one of my favorite part of the story, because my  OTP got closer. There were some times when I got annoyed by his presence, but I still think the drama is incomplete without him. This is my most favorite drama with brotherhood rivalry. Very sincere rivalry which does not need fights but just honest and sincere emotions from both sides. He is a perfect actor to be Jo In Sung’s big brother and so is JIS to him.

This is one of the most romantic melodrama for me. I don’t mind the ending though because KDramas are usually like that. But the entire series is LOVEEEE. I don’t mind watching it again. =)





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