The Real Mission of BLUE BUSTAMANTE

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When we were young, one of the things we are fond of watching were shows which has robots. Both girls and boys always pick their favorite ranger robot by colors of pink, yellow, red, green, blue or whatever color exists. As we grew up, curiosity if who were the person behind those robots or are they machines came to our then innocent minds. Sometimes, we wonder if they could take off their masks for us to see their real faces.


One Sunday, my friends and I happened to watch this independent film entitled, Blue Bustamante. It tackles the life of a man who lives by the identity of Blue Force, one of the colors in the live-action Japanese drama, Force Five (similar to the ranger shows when we were young). There, I discovered the real mission of those people behind the robots and the masks. It is not to save the universe like their characters, but to provide something for their family and to make every fan of the show happy.

The obvious mission of Blue Force is to be able to fight the bad aliens in front of the camera. While wearing his costume and with the use of his high kicks and punches, this robot will deliver his character towards his audience. At first, this job may sound funny for some. But what we didn’t know, their characters might be strong to fight aliens but the real them is weak inside, missing their family who are far from them.  Another thing, they may be ordinary robots, but to some children who love shows like these, they are their heroes.


The person behind Blue Force is George Bustamante, a father who works abroad to earn money for his family. Though he frequently communicates with his wife and sends stuff to his son, the child’s feelings to him are far from how a father-son relationship should be. That was until George found out that his son was a fan of the show he was a part of. At first, he keeps it as a secret because he was ashamed of the type of work he has. However, when he found out that his son was a fan of the show especially of his character Blue Force, he feels proud of it and wanted to do his best in playing the character. For his son, he is like Blue Force, a hero. For the first time, his his son felt proud the same his father as Blue Force is the one who saves the earth and sooner the galaxy and his personal hero.

As what their tagline  of the movie says, “This is not war for planet earth.” The real mission of Blue Bustamante is not to fight the aliens on earth but to make sure that he will be able to make his son happy and proud of him as he plays his favorite show character, Blue Force. Through that robot, he is considered by his son a hero.

(Photo used are credits to Blue Bustamante Official Page. )



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