The EDSA of Today

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When I saw the film, it reminds me of Iisa, because the way it was delivered was like of a documentary, when actually it is a story. Different characters but their lives are tangled one by one. Less dialogues, more on action and beautiful cinematography.


I was in awe when I saw EDSA, The Movie at the movie house. I am so amazed with how beautiful the director and the cinematographer captured every smallest details of the avenue. I have not seen a film which captured a street scene as colorful as what EDSA has~ a mise-en-scene that the life revolving the avenue is colorful, not dark.

This movie has four set of stories: in the bus, on the streets, in the taxi and on the MRT. The only common thing with these four is that it happened along EDSA, one of the major high ways in the Philippines. There are four different stories, but I never got confused if what happened before or after the other enters. The sequence was so flawless.

Another thing which I also like about this film is that they captured the four plots majorly reality related. The situations and the way they responded to it. Trust me, I learned something after watching the film and I would really apply it. The magic of putting reality into something that would not bore the audience is being able to adapt the same attitude we Filipinos have, hospitality and humor.

Indeed our country is too small. A lot of things may happen, and people are interconnected with each other in the most unexpected way. That was shown in the film. This movie has fewer dialogues, because the story was mainly delivered through actions and cinematography….one of its greatest factor. The picture of the film is clearly not on its dialogue alone, but on every element it has.

A part of those elements are the actors. Best cast ensemble indeed. They did not do any overly dramatic scenes or love lines. It seems that they do not act, but really breathe on the lives of every characters appointed to them like it is really them. Hint though, my favorite characters here in this movie are the nurse, the businessman, the MRT boy and the taxi driver. They are all the people we usually misjudge.

Quoted from the movie, Allen Dizon defined it as, “Di lahat ng mga tao sa Maynila ay masasamang tao.” While saying this, the characters also looked back on what happened during EDSA Revolution and related it to reality. EDSA is not bad at all; there are beautiful things in it which we people should discover on our own.

The only thing I do not like about this movie is solely the crap crab thing….which they might see as a bonus, but for me is a major trash. Overall, I can say that this movie is one of the best indie films I ever saw. Lovely picture of what really is and in EDSA avenue; a detailed picture of the people and the location itself.





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