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This is not about the job, but this story started with a job. A strange job called dog-shooters, wherein the people are finding dog mates for the female dogs in order to reproduce. This is the job of Ringgo, without his knowledge it became a way for him to cure his painful childhood.

He was abused since young. He got his job as means to earn money to provide for the person who took care of him. Until one day, his path cross with Bong, a lesbian dog owner, who has a dog named I’nca, which encountered the same experience as Ringgo…of course, dog’s life.

If you would read, you may say that I have told you the whole film…but I did not. It is only a portion of it. Unfortunately, this very obvious supposed beautiful plot of the film was destroyed because of unnecessary plots (specifically Bong and her lover’s affairs), which for me, does not have any connection with Ringgo’s life even of the dog. Anyhow, it was able to show shortly the special connection between a dog and us human being.

Aside from the dog-human friendship, I also commend the performance of indie actor Sandino Martin, for excellently playing the role of Ringgo and respected actress Janice de Belen who helped and matched him by her own skills as she plays Bong.



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