Drama Review: Cheer Up!

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This drama is just like any other ordinary high school dramas in Korea. The same high school topics were being told from love triangles, family problems, friendship and bullying. Of course the presence of growth in every high school student is also being tackled.

Though cheer leading is the center of actions of this drama, there is no need for an extravagant cheer leading presentation because one of the drama characters himself mentioned the relevance of it in the lives of the students: To be able to cheer for someone from the heart is the true essence of being a cheerleader.

It was defined in the drama when the students learned to gain confidence and friendship among each other, despite their different status in school and on whatever circumstances they experience in their home.

The popular gummy bear scene of Ji Soo (Ha Joon) and Eun Ji (Yeon Doo) from the drama Cheer Up!

Indeed nothing is special in this drama, but what made me enjoy watching this are the solid chemistry of every teen cast and their teachers and how believable the performance of some characters are. Lee Won Keun, Eun Ji, and Ji Soo made me fall in love. Their love triangle wasn’t much expressed in the story unlike other teen dramas, however I enjoyed their interactions as friends with growing love triangle. In here, I proved that Ji Soo is not fit to be a nice male lead like in Page Turner. He grows and suits being a second male lead more. He got a spotlight on that as an actor. As of Lee Won Keun and Eun Ji, I’m glad through this drama, I found new teen stars I look forward to watching in the future. I also like the other female cast,  Chae Soo Bin, in portraying the villain role. She is believable.

Though simple and nerve wrecking high school bullying was in this drama, I still enjoyed watching it with accompany of good OST especially Shooting Star. My most favorite scene is the Gummy Bear confession of Ha Joon to Yeon Do. Very creative.


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