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Via title “THE THIRD PARTY”:  Another affair drama. Okay let’s bring it on because love triangles involving two guys and one woman is my cup of tea…and nothing’s worst but best than La Dolce Vita (24-episode KDrama) when it comes to that genre.

Via theme “LGBT”: Whaaaat?? Okay I will still watch it, for Angel Locsin.

After watching the film: *speechless* Oh… so that’s it. *panics* I want to watch it again! Wait… I ship Christian and Andi…why??!!



I did not expect the scenes and the screenplay. I know Sam Milby and Zanjoe Marudo are gay lovers and Angel Locsin is Sam’s ex-girlfriend. These three getting entangled with each other, but the screenplay surprised me. Whoever wrote that, I cannot say you perfectly did it but decently, I did not feel any LGBT theme on the movie. What I saw was friendship, parenthood, okay and then two guys who loves each other and a girl. But the scenes…how did they manage to make it so adorable yet touching for that sensible theme.

The lesson of the story is one thing: ACCEPTANCE, divided into two: parenthood and one’s identity. It is not just Love Wins for me, but also FRIENDSHIP WINS. It was clearly shown and delivered by three good actors of our generation. But really, still, what are those scenes which keep on playing in my head and pushes me to watch all over again. So cute. Hindi siya malaswa at walang malisya…and to tell you, the actors delivered their characters well.


Angel Locsin is Andi….action-drama queen, yes, I know that. I grew up watching her in Mulawin and up to now. But wow, who can imagine she is so damn good in romantic comedy. She is not trying hard. Is she herself or the character? I do not know… I just love watching her.


Sam Milby plays bisexual Max. He is attracted to Andi but loves Christian. I know Sam is also a versatile actor. He is one of my seasoned favorite actor. I actually want to see him play more villain roles (remember Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala? ) But with this one, I do not know why but it seems that I am not convinced by his performance as bisexual. 


Zanjoe Marudo is Christian, the gay. Honestly, I am a closet fan of this actor. During Lovers in Paris remake, he was the only one who gave justice to the original characters. A model turned versatile actor. It is not a mistake admiring him after watching The Third Party. No definite words could define how suave and brilliant he is when he delivered the character. Through that performance, I did not mind if he is gay or straight: I fell for his character. 

I define chemistry as not tested through physical contacts, but on the heart of the actors’ characters only its audience can see.


For Christian and Max, as what I have said, I am not a fan of any LGBT movies except this one. I kind of enjoy their chemistry, but did not feel like it is kilig overload. I admit, when I first saw the movie (coz I watched it twice), I feel kilig over their physical contacts but it fades in an instant. It is like, ahh okay. Another reason is also because I am not convinced of Sam Milby’s performance as bisexual (judging from Zanjoe’s effort and others I saw like Joem Bascon, Mon Confiado or Dennis Trillo).


For Max and Andi…I just feel a simple kilig like missing one’s friend you have not seen for so long. They look good too, but Zanjoe’s Christian stole the spotlight…what to do.

Chemistry? “Whooaaaa”….that scream is for Andi and Christian. It was unexpected like magic. Let us say he was concerned of Andi because of the baby, but can’t you see how he takes care of her. Ideal “gay” husband.


Their scenes are so cute that it made me kilig when it  was supposedly simple. They were so sincere in it and I love watching it. SPOILER! (Sorry for sharing this)~The bed scene…he pulled her towards his bed and hugged her tightly when Andi is about to go out of his room after assisting this drunk gay. When Max entered, my eyes grew in anger. Kidding!  

I love the movie overall. No one and nothing is a waste. I would love to watch it all over again (waiting for the VCD!) I love the chemistry of these three. Just flawless when they are in one frame.

Just as flawless as how they planned to play the theme song of this movie towards the near end while some movies seem stuck to it than focusing on the scenes. It is not the lines which made me love the movie, it is the scenes…which what and how a movie should be. That’s how I got The Third Party effect.


Because of this movie, I also found my new favorite leading man of Angel Locsin, in the presence of Zanjoe Marudo so I bought the VCD of their first movie.

The effect of the movie is still within me, not just because of Angel and Zanjoe but of every simple, complex or whatever it is heart pounding unexpected, scenes, dialogues, story and chemistry of the stars.



One thought on “Define THE THIRD PARTY

    Kristina said:
    November 24, 2016 at 9:17 am

    I would agree 100% that I was surprised by how much natural chemistry Angel Locsin and Zanjoe Marudo had in this film – their dynamics from when Andi and Christian are working out the baby deal to the karaoke scene to their last scene had me really paying attention.

    I was very surprised to find out that they had actually been in the last film I saw in the Philippines “One More Try.” Their characters were completely different there which just goes to show how skilled and versatile they are as actors.

    Zanjoe nailed the character of Christian. From the trailers, I felt he would almost be the third party, but he was such a strong character and Zanjoe’s acting showed his motivation so well, I just rooted for his character regardless of what he was doing.


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