Justifications of THE LEGAL WIFE

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This is the first Filipino series I have completed….with two sequences skipped. A Class A teleserye from ABS-CBN’s Star Creatives. We know that the plot of affair drama is very rampant in entertainment industry but this one seems like the most decent and equal love affair so far: both right and wrongs, no one is exempted.

The drama started with flashbacks played by a set of best actors fit to play the young versions of Monica and the parents. The editing was so beautiful enough to think that it is not just a flashback, but real memories of the past. A picture of what happened and how it for-sees the present.

As the story moves forward and before the affair began, I already came to think that this is not just any ordinary affair drama we known who circles around the persons involved. This is also a family drama, which the teleserye never failed to show from beginning to end.

Eh ano naman kung mayaman siya at mahirap ako? Sa spot na yan, pantay kami.

The screenplay of this teleserye played smooth from start to finish. Even when the affair has started and revelations began, it did not came to the point that it became too draggy for me. It was straightforward and direct. I like that it does not just focus on the millenial story, but continues the story of the parents up to the present time. The dialogues are not circling too. If not poetic, on-point. I laughed, got angry, fell in love and cried a buckets on the way the actors delivered them.

The actors, from leads to the cameos, are pitched perfect for the story all throughout. Their characters are not like our ordinary teleserye. They are all fierce and weak, but also smart and class. They know why they did their actions and clearly as it is, they are just plain filling in the emptiness in their hearts.

Kilala mo ako nung kaibigan mo ako. Lumalaban ako. Ngayon makikilala mo ako bilang kaaway. Walang sinasanto.

Monica is a fierce wife. She is not the type who would allow anyone to drag her down, instead, she is the type who fights for what she thinks is right: family’s happiness.

Adrian is a good husband to say too, but temptations are just everywhere and just like that, it happens in our society nowadays to be true.

Nicole is selfish, yes, I hate her, but I also understood why she became like that. She is a lonely being who seeks for that something that could fill her loneliness….which she badly found in her best friend’s husband.

Sa tuwing nakikita kitang umiiyak, isa lang yung pumapasok sa isip ko: Sana di ka na lang umiiyak. Sana hindi ka na lang niya sinaktan. Sana….naging akin ka na lang.

Max is the most genuine character, because he became the support and eye-opener of the three who are involved. Rather than taking advantage of every situation to steal Monica from Adrian, he knows his place all the time.

As much as I want Monica and Adrian to get back together, I also love the relationship tied between Monica and Max. So it is a fair game for me as a fan of this other love triangle. As for Nicole, too bad, I still ship her with her “once-upon-a-date”.

Bumalik ako bilang asawa mo para sa mga anak ko. Pinanindigan ko yun para sa kanila. Ngayon, malalaki na ang mga anak natin. May sarili na silang buhay. Bumalik si Dante. Niyaya niya akong sumama sa kanya, pero nandito pa rin ako. Kung hindi pagmamahal ang tawag dito, ewan ko na lang kung ano.

Papa Javier (Christopher de Leon), Nanay Eloisa (Rio Locsin), and Tatay Dante (the late Mark Gil)…. these three parents… I also love their story. They became the reflection of why the affair happened. History repeats itself sadly. They are just like Monica-Adrian-Nicole of the past, but learned to move forward to the present. I actually felt kilig over how Javier and Eloisa’s love story evolved bit by bit and how they realize that what happened to their children are reflections of their past.

Masakit kapag pinagtaksilan ka. Pero kung mahal mo yung taong nanakit sayo, ipagtagumpay mo ang nararamdaman mo. Ipaglaban mo hangga’t mahal mo siya.

Kuya Javy (Joem Bascon), I hated him so much but then I slowly realized that he is secretly protecting his siblings Jasper and Monica despite his hard headed attitude. I am proud that the actor who played him was one of my favorite and friend who is my ideal brother in real. He did a great job in playing a character who is an opposite side of him. Also, I appreciate Ahron Villena’s Jasper who plays as the good brother.

The “once-upon-a-date” of Nicole, played by Brent Javier and Bernard Palanca who also shared a good mix with Angel Locsin is another favorite. Among the flashbacks, the brilliant child actress Xyriel Manabat and the handsome James Blanco are my favorite. The rest of the cast like the extended families, friends and the kids also helped in creating the story, unlike some other seryes who made them some sort of display.

I do not like how Angel Locsin underestimates her capacities in dramatic roles. She is so damn versatile here in the teleserye. No definite words to say how good she really is and I want to see more of her in melodramas.

I am still not a fan of Jericho Rosales. I admit, he is good in drama, has chemistry with Angel (because this actress is shippable) and Maja but something seems missing with him when he plays his roles.

Maja Salvador on the other hand was the biggest revelation in this series. I cannot imagine how she greatly played the role of Nicole. So good and no one could ever do the same as much as Angel’s.

For JC de Vera, tagged as his first teleserye on ABS-CBN, would make me say he did made a great move of accepting this role and entering the network. JC’s Max Gonzales is one of the most beautiful fictional character I have seen locally so far. He is a playboy but his character grows each situation he has for the better until he became a true gentleman. He loves Monica so much but knows his place in the situation he also is involved into. JC played it fairly with charm that even if he has the smallest screentime among the four leads, almost all his scenes have big impacts in the story, especially towards the middle.


I don’t like the accident of Adrian because I think there is other way of resolution other than that. However, it doesn’t deleted the fact that I love this drama in totality.

Now, I claim again that THE LEGAL WIFE is the new best love affair story ever written, for me so far, because it is a love affair connecting the past and present, showed the rights and wrongs of it, a family oriented drama and lastly, it showed us what love is: Love should be treasured. Sometimes it is selfish and selfless but we should know what is right from wrong about it because it is a process of pain and healing. #TheEndOfAnAffair.


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