Drama Review: KPOP: The Ultimate Audition

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The female lead – she doesn’t look like a guy as what gender bender is but her being lesbian looking matches to the character plus what a voice when she raps.The KPOP Audition plot – I enjoy watching the M2 Junior interactions. Just that was enough. That’s what I want to see in this drama….but….

최강서바이벌 그룹포

The love story is very annoying. Zero chemistry for the leads. The subplot sucks and sorry Yoochun but your brother, Yohan, is very annoying when he acts. He destroys the mood of the characterization of the female lead.

Now I know why it got a lot of negative comments. They deserve it. Too bad because the KPOP Group plot was so good, especially the growth of the group from being a rookie.


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