Cinderella And Four Knights

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People say that this is like Boys Over Flower, but for me, the only thing they have in common is having four guys and one girl in a cast which says they are really not similar. Judging from what I felt and saw, this one has a better story line and set of cast.

I like how its being feel good was being shown on the chemistry of the actors and the characters and the romance which is actually just a spice of its real theme: family drama and friendship.

Though towards the middle I got bored about all those rounding scenes especially when the main leads fell in love and the second male lead’s character got a little bit degrading, but I still manage to enjoy the drama overall. Applause to Park So Dam, whose chaarcter I really love as the female lead, and the rest of my faves like Ahn Jae Hyun, Son Na Eun and Choi Min.

This is not one of the best dramas I have seen this year, but one of those dramas which gave me a really sincere good vibes feeling, even when I would watch it again.


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