Drinking Solo

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15380325_1371543076192288_2175206418121472160_nFinally, I can say, I saw some refreshing school drama which does not gives me stress because of school bullying issues, instead focuses on self-motivation, goals, friendship and of course romance. Through these series of chapters of the lives of the teachers and students as they prepare for the examination and face some challenges, things which accompany their emotions are a can of beer, some wine, bottle of beer and such alcoholic beverages which would allow themselves to grow up and be mature enough in handling the things which would come along their way.

With just a background of a school, this a story of courage, determination, love and solitude people can derive as they toss up a bottle of wine or can of beer alone. With the coolest chemistry of actors from Ha Suk Jin, Park Ha Sun, Gong Myung to Key of SHINee, you would see why there are some people who drinks solo and sometimes, you would see yourself in them.


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