Something About 1 Percent

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Compare and contrast of the original and the remake. Note: Cast (original) Kang Dong Won and Kim Jung Hwa, (remake) Ha Suk Jin and Jeon So Min.

A love story grew through a fake engagement- one of the few plots I will always love in a story.


Both have strength and weaknesses. The original drama has the story but the remake has the heart to make audience feel the story.

I like both versions of leads Da Hyun and Jae In and grandfathers but speaking of supporting cast, I like the set of the latest. They did not overlap the leads, like Hyun Jin and Tae Ha who, in the older version, developed their love story throughout the drama, but in the remake, Hyun Jin became a best friend to Da Hyun while Tae Ha became a rival, as what the old man’s will says, and then their love story began when the drama reaches its finale.


See the justice to the leads? The older version, though the leads shine too, but the second couple became scene stealer and the thrill was kinda off. However there is one thing I miss in the remake which I love in the original: the series of interactions of Da Hyun and the Chairman. It was important because he was the reason of all, but the remake still managed to make it sincere as a story and as how its characters are from beginning to end. The OSTs of the remake too are so beautiful. I got feels. Sincere ones. Unforgettable. No pressure.

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