Beautiful Gong Shim

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Unlike her pretty sister, all her life, Shim is seen as an outcast ugly girl even in the eyes of her parents. For them, every failure in every aspect of their life is connected to her, a black sheep. Until one time, she crossed path with cousins DanTe/JunPyo and Junsoo. DanTe may treat her for fun, but sincerity in his actions showed how he wanted Shim to feel importance as much as he is to the family who longs for his presence. For JunSoo, Shim is the woman who showed him what life is outside the shadow of his mother, thus he treasures this woman in his heart so much. Because of this unexpected torn of love in between two guys, Shim started to grow and develop self confidence enough to face the world and to face love. She discovered that her beauty is her within.



Nothing’s new here: company and family matters, jealousy and a Cinderella like fairytale with an ugly girl being torn in between two hot guys.

Nothing is really new if you look at the plot like that, but if you see them outside the box, something is new: The Female Lead. She is described as an ugly duckling here but she never see things as if they are like in fairytales. She does not allow herself to be someone who is pitiful and a damsel in distress just like some KDrama female leads. Shim accepts what she has and just the way she is. Without a doubt, those sincere acceptance and living the life as herself made her beautiful and be loved by both Joonsoo and Dante. She also does not fantasize that just because she is loved by two guys is craving for their attention. She, in fact, rejected JoonSoo because she lacks confidence that she is worth to be loved.

Min Ah of Girl’s Day nailed this role without an overreacting sight, at least for me. She even nailed her wig. She deserves the award she got last SBS Awards. Although I was not much impressed with, Nam Goong min give a good performance and as of Ohn Ju Wan, well, a rise of my Second Lead Syndrome is his really sweet character.

I thought it will be focused on the sisters plot but it diverted on both guys that is one of my disappointments aside from some unnecessary scenes. Overall, through Minah and my Second Lead Syndrome, I enjoyed this drama and recommends it to those who craves for good vibes.


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