Dear My Friends

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One of the most unforgettable line of this drama is that “LIFE IS A SOAP OPERA”. Just like that, these oldies pictured out that life, whatever age we may be, is the same. We laughed, we cried, we fall in love, we feel rejected and so on.

This is the first Noh Hee Kyung drama I have ever appreciated. It is so beautiful, the life of being “youthful” in the eyes of oldies. Nothing beats the feeling of watching it and relating your younger self in each of the character as well as seeing their vision of being and feeling youth.

Do not say that this drama is boring just because the cast are all oldies. There are a lot of really emotional moments and there are also a lot of kilig and funny moments. It still has that cheesy love stories we used to have too. Even cheesier. It is just that with this drama, it offers a meatier story of life and love with great actors.

This drama is a rare thing to happened. A drama starring a bunch of respected actors and actresses in Korea, isn’t it that interesting to see? Before they were just the grandparents and parents of our favorite Hallyu stars, but in here, they star in their own love stories and lives.

With the help of Go Hyun Jung’s perfectly imperfect character, we can reflect and sometimes see ourselves as she narrates every event in the lives of the senior friends.

These three handsome bonuses Jo In Sung, Daniel Henney and Shin Sung Woo and the stellar performance in drama of the known comedian Lee Kwang Soo, definitely we cannot say “I won’t watch the drama.” Unforgettable and one of the best dramas I ever saw as a Korean Drama fan. MUST WATCH. WORTH TO KEEP.


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