Marriage Not Dating

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Whether we admit it or not, all of us really never want to be alone. For whatever excuse we would make in order to cover up that loneliness, that would still be discovered. Because whatever it may be, we would always search for that someone who will be by our side, may it be a friend, a family, an acquaintance or a lover.
If you have been a fan of Korean Drama for so long, you would know it, if a drama is giving you sincere romantic comedy or just placing pleasures of cheesy lines and romance to make it look like “romantic comedy”. Being a sincere romantic comedy is more that just being romantic comedy, but being able to let the audience embrace every character, actors and every second of the scenes in the drama from beginning to end. With it, chemistry just overflow, or I should call it team work. This is what happened with my experience with Lovers in Paris, Princess Hours, She Was Pretty and Oh My Ghost (my favorite romcom dramas to date). Now, I consider MARRIAGE NOT DATING as one of them.

Admitting that the overall story is my cup of tea (fake engagement, love triangle, family issues, food, etc.) this drama showed me that sincere side of story telling which would make me say “Ahhhh” for kilig than “Eeeeeh”. Each characters does not just give each other a satisfaction of romance. They fill empty spaces within one another in order for them to be complete. You can feel it. You will embrace it.

I like the set of cast of this drama. Overflowing chemistry it is from Yeon Woo Jin to Han Groo to Jeong JinWoon, followed by other side characters. Also commended the ever lovely performance of The Kim Hae Sook who once again showed me another picture of a good mother in a Korean Drama. The soundtrack is just a bonus,. It is just everything in this drama seems falling into place from beginning to end. Lovely!


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