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I would not say that this one differs hugely from the other Filipino teleserye because it also has that typical Pinoy style of storytelling, but I can distinguish what made this lovable, for me, other than other dramas I saw.

Kahit Konting Pagtingin is nowhere perfect romantic comedy soap opera but I can pick certain elements of this series which I appreciate while watching it. Just like the others, this is some kind of two brothers torn over one girl romance, but I felt warmth as the story moves forward.

The main reason why I watch this teleserye is because of Paulo Avelino who plays LANCE LEDESMA. He is one of my Pinoy celebrity krypton. I cannot take my eyes off this actor once I watch him onscreen. When I knew that he will be playing the role of the third wheel, I was happy, because even though he would be ending up heartbroken, just focus on watching his romantic scenes with the female lead is already a joy.

The least reason of my watching this teleserye is Angeline Quinto who plays AURORA CANTADA. I never enjoyed her performance in a comedy as an actress. For me, she looks overacting with it. But this drama covered it a bit.


Sam Milby is the main male character ADAM LEDESMA. He is a neutral reason for watching. I am not quite a fan popular leading men with likes of Piolo Pascual, or Jericho Rosales. But I gave him a shot in my eyes as an audience and a fan, and after seeing several teasers of his drama Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala, I changed minds.

I never realized that my basic realizations about those three actors, as well as of the story would flip upside down after watching it. For Paulo Avelino, I still enjoy his third wheel role, and he still never fails to captivate me with his charming smile and breathtaking subtle performance as an actor. I still has that heartbroken feeling whenever Lance would be neglected by Aurora. But because I finished on watching the series, I realized he really does not deserve her because his love was not genuine to her from the start even though he was so nice in approaching her.


On contrary, Sam Milby’s Adam was such a romantic guy you would ask for. Adam may be mean at the beginning of the story, but slowly and surely as he gets to interact with Aurora, he falls in love with her for real, without pretentious.  I would love how he covers for Lance’s mistreatments over Aurora whom he considers his future girlfriend. I love how Sam sincerely played the role of a man who is madly in love with the girl but is afraid to show it because he loves his brother. Aurora is just an ordinary girl. Not pleasant as a woman, but the charm which made the characters trap into her is her smile and being a real person. She has that attitude of a lady which is carefree, innocent and fun to be with. Just for that, both Adam and Lance fell in love with her.  Overall, I am enjoying the chemistry of the trio and I place my bet on both guys for Aurora.


Not only that two guys and the charming lady, but other characters which I love and gave me warmth for their love as family and friends around the three leads are Joonie Gamboa’s sweet and cute Don Arturo, the grandfather of Adam and Lance, Ms, Snookey Serna’s Mama Faye as their mother as well as sir Tommy Abuel and Jon Lucas as Aurora’s family. Another one which adds charm, though there are times when I hate them are John Lapus’ role and Denisse Joaquin’s.

A drama will never be completed without its villains. With it, Jordan Herrera, James Blanco and the ever fantastic Mylene Dizon comes to the rescue. Fascinating it is to see in a Pinoy teleserye that these villains are not hundred percent evil. Their being evil has reasons and mind you, most of their scenes are hilarious.


The story of Kahit Konting Pagtingin was not perfect since, especially at the middle, it became draggy. Good thing the show was only more than 50 episodes all, it is intact. Aside from these lovable characters, what made me stick to it up to finale despite the draggy middle is the soundtrack. A soundtrack plays an important role in a teleserye since it adds mood as the story moves forward. I am glad I heard wonderful original and revival OPMs playing along. To name few are Paulo Avelino’s rendition of Hiling, Paulo Avelino, Sam Milby and Angeline Quinto’s trio of Kahit Konting Pagtingin and my favorite Sam Mily’s excellent interpretation of Hindi Kita Iiwan.

Last charm of this teleserye is the ending. Not that wedding scene between Aurora and Lance but everything that goes after – cute airport set-up of Lance and Aurora and Sam’s ring being shown while calling each of Mr. Adam Ledesma and Mrs. Aurora Cantada Ledesma.



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