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For seven years, someone was looking at another’s back secretly. She was madly in love with him that she was willing to be his slave forever. But sometimes, being a slave for love is tiring. Few days before their graduation, she was asked by him to go to La Union. In that place, she was accompanied by a bottle of alcohol. And with several shots one evening, Carson finally took the courage to confess her seven years secret to her friend Dio, who has someone else in his life right now.

A common story of unrequited love in Philippine cinema, but the approach was different. If it would be a usual type of story telling, it would be full of flowery and hard-to-swallow words and over dramatic emotions. So unnatural invest of emotions with it. But what I’m Drunk I Love You offered its audience is the realistic approach of someone who has been in the same situation as the protagonist, Carson.


I am one of the few who would say, could always relate to this type of stories. However, every time I saw stories like this, I felt that it is a waste of time hearing those screaming and instead of being able to finally cope up with that feeling, you will even be more depressed.

On contrary to that, when I saw IDILY I could easily feel and see myself in the female lead. She is the type who is experiencing unrequited love, (take note: for seven long years), yet was able to laugh and bond naturally with the man she loves. She does not get obsessed with the matter of loving the person. Even when she finally have decided to profess her love to the man, she was still in her usual self – straight but emotionally driven. Even the way she was rejected and the way she accepted it, was simple yet full of emotions.

Certain points why this movie refreshingly delivered this very hard issue on love is because of the realistic and remarkable performance of Maja Salvador and Paulo Avelino individually and as a pair (I already love the chemistry of these award winning stars since Bridges of Love ). It seems that they did not just deliver their scenes because it was written on the script for them to act out, but you would really feel and see that they seem to know their characters well. They know them well enough that they deliver it loosely but with tight emotions for their audience to feel the same emotions as Dio and Carson.

I remembered in one foreign drama I saw, one of the characters ellaborated the reasons why people like drinking alcohol. Though he pointed specifically as drinking solo, he still enumerated that one reason as “Alcohol gives you courage to confess.” When I think of this movie, it remind me of the drama. That reason is really Carson. Even though she was drunk for many times for seven years,(time still handles everything), still, the courage to pour what has been bottled came out when she get drunk by alcohol.

The witty script of this movie is also one factor why this movie is easy to reflect on. As I’ve said, they did not invest over-dramatic emotions but relayed what is real. The dialogues being funny may be a part of the film’s secret charm but if you feel their dialogues, it is very painful like a dagger in your heart. Even just simple sentences like “Mahal kita. Seven years na.”, “I’m sorry.” and “Hindi mo naman kasalanan na hindi mo ako mahal” was already very painful.

That emotionally driven part of the movie can also be seen, rather heard, on their soundtracks. Instead of the expected throwing of conversations, the combination of the popular and indie OPM became the dialogue to tighter up the emotions of the characters….which is better. The ending was realistic too. The movie showed us that just because you have expeirenced one sided love and confessed, they would already reciprocate it.

Overall, this movie was fun with great performance of the lead actor, but a dagger which would really hit your feels harder with its straight, simple but relatable storytelling.


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