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We may be living in a world full of evil and become one of them, there are still some people who come into our lives which allows us to discover and let that smallest goodness in us shine through. We call them family…..even though they’re not by blood. This indie film is a heartwarming story of a big-time swindler and a young boy who is a drug dealer. Together, they unexpectedly found the missing pieces of their lives in each other. A father who regrets the loss of his son and a son who longs to have someone he can call his family.

Ever since I saw Ronwaldo Martin in Pamilyang Ordinaryo, I was already in awe of how effortless he is in playing a role of a street boy. He seems natural in it and mostly has that rawness in him which became a part of the character he portrays.

Sir Raymond Francisco, on the other hand, I could not remember if I have seen him already or maybe yes, but then I give this actor an applause for playing the lead role of this movie well. He is just excellent.

Tatay Bhoy and Marlon. Chemistry overloaaaad. I love them! (c. BhoyIntsik FB)

I am actually not that type of indie watcher who would go for a movie if I know that one of the characters embraces an LGBT personality. The reason why I tried to give this movie a shot because I was intrigued with that feeling I had when I saw the couple photos of sir Raymond and Ronwaldo for their movie publicity. Another “lame” reason was two of my favorite actors, Mon Confiado (who plays one of the villains) and Jeric Raval (who plays as Bhoy’s friend), are parts of the cast.

Giving it a try indeed, because at the first parts of the movie, I felt contrite with the characters though I also laughed with the audience. However, as it reached its middle, I have picked up the story and started to embrace every sequence of it.  I can already feel myself loving each and every character especially Bhoy and Marlon. My heart was right and my mind is not when I saw their publicity photos. It is actually a heartwarming story of two lost souls who found a family in each other: a son and a father. Unlike what I expect that there will be a boytoy relationship between the characters, I feel like I was a part of their growing family.

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The good things about this movie is that it didn’t go through there like what I would imagine other indies would be (the most daring), instead it pictures something natural that warms the heart of the audience. It proves that in this world where most are influenced by swindling and drugs, you still have that goodness within you that even just one person could see it. No matter how bad you are you are still forgiven and being given by a chance to turn in.

Of course, the lead stars performance and their chemistry are not just the one who made a big mark on the movie. It also includes some versatile supporting cast in the likes of Mon Confiado, and others.

Independent indeed but it was able to carry out a beautiful message through its beautiful screenplay and brilliant cast ensemble under the directing of one of this industry’s master director Joel Lamangan.

Bhoy Intsik is one of the entries of 2017 batch of Sinag Maynila.
With versatile actor Raymond Francisco
With good friend and movie cast Mon Confiado
This movie marks his first indie media project. More to come! With another good friend sir Francis Sajorda.

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