Set Visit: A Love To Last

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So I still believed that this set visit is not something I am proud to treasure, however I am thankful for the experiences of arrogance and rejections (I am the Queen of REJECTIONS) for me to use in the future. For me, other than my simple interactions with the stars of the entertainment industry, those incidents are the most important things because it allowed me to grow as a person and as a fan both for personal use and in the corporate world. I would not get into details about what happened that day, instead what good things happened that day.

I didn’t know that the show which would be on location taping was ABS-CBN’s A Love To Last. I honestly fell in love with the trailer of this new soap opera at plans to watch it after it was finished airing. But unfortunately, some actor I don’t like was in the cast …. good thing he didn’t last in the show so finally, yes, it is in my list.

I was on my way back to the office after some refreshments when I bother to ask an employee about what show and who the stars for the said shooting are. And there, he told me it is ALTL with Julia Barretto, Ronnie Alonte, Ian Veneracion, Khalil Ramos, among others. I was delighted because I love most of them (based on my sight of the clips), and as for my blogger side, I would always love to do an interview with them (unfortunately that didn’t happened, because **back to the introduction**) so there.

I took a peep on Jules and R2 doing their scenes as Chloe and Tupe (eehh my VKJ feels). Uhmm it was an observation….a learning observation (I always learn something to whatever I saw especially if it matters to off-cam things). It seems that it was an intense scene, because they were in the middle of the argument (about Red, the hot third wheel). Because the scene was as intense as it, I forgot to ask for the photo of these two, but I captured a BTS of the argument.

Julia and Ronnie in an intense argument. Hmm I smell jealousy!

I told myself I would just do those things after work (good thing my place was walking distance from the location)….(then going back to the introduction). However, I still find time to take selfie with some of the cast.

First one I bump was Claire, who plays Gena, the woman in the life of Tupe (R2). It was her break so I had the time to chat with her. She’s beautiful and approachable. She shared to me how she’s happy to be working with Julia again and how nice Ronnie is in the set.

with A Love To Last’s GENA

Fast forward, office time is over. I rushed to the set and waited for other stars, unfortunately, they were in a hurry because some scenes they took will be airing for that night….and I became Miss Rejected Always that day.

Never mind. I still have find time to take a photo with one of my favorite veteran, Ian Veneracion, who was so cute when he asked about cigar. (Hihingi lang daw siya ng yosi aarte pa. Basta daw umuusok okay na ^^). Cuteness overload in the set. Everyone calls him “Papa Ee. He was on his way out of the location when I asked him for a selfie (even if Miss Rapunzel permits me not to, sir Ian was so nice to say yes).

One of my long time veteran actor crush, Ian Veneracion. Still so handsome!

Then…here comes handsome (and hot in his bigote) Khalil Ramos. This talented man, I don’t know when did I started recognizing him, but yes, I know I am an off and on fan. He plays Red Hernandez, hopefully would not replace R2’s Tupe in my heart. He nailed his character’s entrance.

The handsome Khalil Ramos. C an’t wait to see more of his character, Red Hernandez, in A Love To Last.

Not minding that I became Miss Rejected Always that day, the experience of being able to deal well with people like Miss Rapunzel is there. Aside from that, it made me realize that the stars are usually not the bad ones. It is the people around them who prevented them to show their purpose to people who took them to the spotlight they have – their fans.

Deleting that incident in my mind, I still am looking forward on watching the whole drama once it has finished airing.*


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