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From being gangster’s only ally when it comes to finances, he entered the corporate world. At first, Seung Ryeong thought of it as a wider opportunity for him to grab out money to be used for his dream trip to Denmark. Unfortunately, what lies ahead of him at TQ Group, one of Korea’s largest companies, are dozen of frauds and anomalies between leaders and the company members. Because of an unusual incident, he became a hero. This started out the twisted things which supposed wouldn’t happen to him: to straighten what is crooked with that company. As he plans strategies, he came across people who helped him to succeed in clearing out the bad weeds and those who wants to put him down out of their greediness. Among of them are three persons who are always tagging along with him: Ha Kyung, the boyish but loyal accounting personnel, Ga Eun, the nerdy but a secret spy in the company and Yeol, the finance director whom he considers an enemy he cares for.


In a world full of heavy drama, fusion sageuks, suspense thrillers and romantic comedy, here appears a drama with just plain fun. I am talking about Chief Kim, KBS’s hit drama for the first quarter of 2017. If you would read how I interpret the story, it is just that ordinary. But the summary is not enough. What is the biggest present of this drama to its audience are what are the compositions of it: from cast to scenes. I am taking it literally, they are extraordinary. Aside from the fact that they make you laugh, they are fun and entertaining as well as you can get life lessons from it. I would not say an example but really, what they always do are fun, witty, smart and exciting.

Chief Kim is one of those dramas which I consider as something with solid casting. Solid which means, in whatever ways they have this chemistry. The reason why their being comedic was loved is because even the cast themselves obviously enjoyed what they do. The cast of this drama is composed of rookies, seniors and veterans.

Who leads them all the way is Chief Kim himself, played by the ever versatile Nam Goong Min. They say that his role is like of his character in Beautiful GongShim, but for me, not. In whatever angle, even from being fun, they are different. Dan Tae looks stupid in his being fun. I see less sincerity in him when he does his comedy tricks, but with Seung Ryeong, his being fun and seriousness is always in place and he doesn’t act stupid, but witty. When there is a protagonist, there is an antagonist. Here is Seo Yul, played by idol-actor JunHo of 2PM. He is so damn good. I cannot believe at one time he can make me hate him and on the next, I would laugh at him. I do not know if it is just the character or there is this charm in him which made me love to hate his character from beginning to end.

They played it is like they seem to enjoy it. When I would watch their behind the scene videos, I could tell that they enjoy it. Even the frienemy bromance that lies within Yeol and Seung Ryeong is very visible. They are like the lifeline of this drama. Junho is sure so lucky enough to work next to the great Nam Goong Min who allows his character to do crazy things on him and after the director cuts the scene, they rush and hug at each other. Aw!

The two ladies in the drama came as a spice in their life. Ha Kyung, played by the beautiful Nam Sang Mi is the bridge for the two characters and the bad and the good side of each of them. Honestly, there is no huge love line connecting her and the two men, (except that Yeol has a crush on her), but the chemistry is more visible than those dramas with huge love line. That is when team work happens. Ga Eun, on the other hand,serves as the fun spy and assistant of Seung Ryeong in his plans against TQ Group. (Gladly she did not have love line with Seung Ryeong. It will put me in awkwardness if there is because in their former drama Rememeber, which I love, they act as siblings, perfectly),

Other cast includes veterans and rookies who plays as enemies (the Chairman and subordinates), allies(lawyers, gang boss, minions and company settlers) and colleagues (TQ’s Business Operating Group) at TQ Group. Each has distinct charm and connection to the four leads which you would enjoy.

With utmost recommendation, I want KDrama fans to take a break from the usual offers to us and add Chief Kim in their list. If you would not believe that this drama is nonrelatable, then just think of it this way. In Hallyu, we need dramas like this. Dramas like Chief Kim with presence just allowed us to laugh and laugh because in life, as they say, LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE.


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