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19030568_1588343647845562_2297940143953896879_nJiYoon, is an aspiring professor of the modern days lost her credibility because of a controversial painting. This painting is connected to a famous painter in Joseon, Saimdang. Their lives are similar and parallel in some ways. But they have one goal: to seek for truth, to bring back the lost credibility, to live the life that they wanted and to save the people they love.

The first two episodes were off. The attack of the modern set up was slow. However, when the sageuk began to enter, that was when the drama started to be in place. I felt the warmth as the story moves forward, from Saimdang’s childhood, her failures and success and her unforgettable romance with Lee Gyeom. The cinematography, poetic dialogues and the soundtrack helped a lot. I especially like it when Saimdang’s image as a woman, a wife and a mother showed some similarity as Ji Yoon’s (the present counterpart). Almost every thing about the two characters feels like magic. I feel like I was reading the diary also. I also love the mysterious entrance of the modern Song Seung Heon. I hoped that he would meet Ji Yoon earlier than I expected it to be but I guess they did the charm of saving the best scene for last. This is not an excellent modern told sageuk for me because of some annoying present scenarios of the series, but at least those mentioned with good words are indeed something which made my heart joyful while watching. Great appreciation to the performance of the cast, rookies Park Hye Soo and Yang Se Joong for their palpable chemistry, the cast in the sageuk era, Jiyoon’s family and friends, Lee Young Ae for being so awesome in playing two fantastic characters and Song Seung Heon for delivering my most favorite performance of him to date.


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