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19437769_1607450715934855_7468245513787667917_nA man who has no sense of taste and smell at all and a girl whio can see smells. Together they teamed up in a fun and nerve wrecking drama to go against the handsome serial killer of a barcode murder.

This drama showed an interesting topic of a girl who can see scents instead of smelling them through her nose and a barcode murder case.

I did not mind the romance at all that is why I have enjoyed it. The lead stars Yoochun and Shin Se Kyung gave me a satisfying performance. Se Kyung didn’t made me feel annoyed by her performance. She has this charm in playing the character. Yeo Jin Soo surprised me as she plays her character. So as for the rest of the police squad though sometimes they play stupid.

The one who stands out the most in this drama is Nam Goong Min, the serial killer. He is so flawless yet damn excellent in playing various emotions of his character effectively. The unique, smart, charming and lonely characteristics of his character made you hate and love him at the same time though he is too handsome to be a villain. Also, I also feel some chemistry with him and Shin Se Kyung.

I really love the process of the investigation of the murder case involving the four main characters. They seem to connect in each other well. However I also feel that there are some things missing on the finale episode. It seems like a rush.

I still enjoyed it. Though not the best, but there’s one best thing in this: NAM GOONG MIN AS CHEF KWON JAE HEE, THE SERIAL KILLER OF THE BARCODE MURDER.





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