GMA HAPLOS’s Second Male Lead

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He won’t stop proving that he is worth the spotlight!


Guess who is a new favorite of mine! PANCHO MAGNO!

From Max Collins curiosity (his fiancée Max is a favorite and my OTP for…. ^^)….here arrives the Love Hotline and so on.

With Love Hotline and Ang Lihim Ni Annasandra clips in YouTube I became a fan. Wa. He indeed meet the criteria of my favorite actor (and ideal guy). As a result, I am watching his former drama with Bela Padilla, Dion Ignacio and Ryan Eigenmann. His role Jet Collado is just too perfect for him and I am squeezing over and over again (loud screams for my favorite bed scene with Bela!).

Now he is back with Sanya Lopez and their oncam love line (Love Hotline feels)! He is back with Haplos! He will again show another meaty role in the name of Benedict Dizon and I can’t wait because based on the trailer, I will surely roll on the floor with sugar coated sweetness of his sure win dialogues and chemistry with Sanya.

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Co-stars Pancho and Sanya are Rocco Nacino and Thea Tolentino. Haplos will show its pilot this July 10, 2017 on GMA’s Afternoon Prime.

People say that he has the spotlight because he is the son of someone on high position on GMA, but can’t you see? He is making efforts to show his love for the craft. Someday, with right roles and projects, he will be more than just an Executive’s Son. This is just a beginning of myself being a fan of him. More support for this guy in the future.



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