PUSONG LIGAW Getting There!

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Approaching the Week 10 of Pusong Ligaw…. I like that I have made a mark of episodes I have seen and see to it that I have not missed any.

Though the  pilot episode failed to impress me, I enjoyed the rest of it so far. I am loving the warmth and class each characters as well as the background is giving me. At least each of them has growth within themselves. To whom should take revenge or take the track of forgiveness is still unsure.


Somehow, the series of interactions made by leads Beauty Gonzales and Bianca King is not that heavy. I still feel the longing. I wonder if they’re friends now. As for the gents, Joem Bascon and Raymond Bagatsing, I am mostly looking forward for their rivalry. For hopes, it would be a reunion affair between Beauty and Joem, for fun and meaty angle of their broken love story.

Knowing the reason why the parents appeared when the millennial love triangle should begin is a good move for me. At least there is balance of the atmosphere, especially that, on my eyes, though Diego Loyzaga, Sofia Andres and Enzo Pineda did well in playing their characters, I can feel much chemistry with the cannot be couple  Sofia and Enzo than with main leads Sofia and Diego. THAT IS QUITE SCARY IF IT’LL CONTINUE. It is in the hands of the writer if they will follow the Bridges of Love formula or not. At least in the span of 9 weeks which I have seen, they are still on introduction of feelings.

See there are still a lot of things to look forward for Pusong Ligaw: rekindle love, triangles, affairs, rivalries, reunions…….Long way to go for this dear local show of mine. I’m just keeping my fingers cross for now for an even meatier contents of the succeeding episodes of this drama. Whew. *flips hair like Marga*


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