Intimacy With Stars of GMA’s HAPLOS

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This month of July, GMA Network is set to show their brand new afternoon drama entitled HAPLOS (en. caress). This is a story of how caress, which became a special ability, can affect one people’s lives and relationships with their family and with other people. This intriguing fantasy romance drama is top-billed by four homegrown talents of GMA namely Sanya Lopez, Rocco Nacino, Thea Tolentino and Pancho Magno. But before that, let us get to know these four in different aspects of their career and their lives.

This article is composed of what the four stars of Haplos have share during their Facebook Live Chat at Kapuso ArtisTambayan last July 6, 2017. The supporters of the show and of the individual artists never lose this opportunity to get to know them well, their characters and have fun while playing some games.


Haplos in English would mean caress, but for these stars, they have their own interpretation whenever they hear the word “Haplos”.

For Sanya, Haplos is like the feeling when families are together. In addition, the lead star of the drama ellaborated, “Haplos ng pagmamahal, haplos ng pag-aalaga.” Thea, her antagonist, defined haplos as a gentle touch.

As for the gents, Rocco and Pancho, they both defined Haplos as comfort – something which makes someone feel calm whenever he feels tired.


In the drama, these four are set to form a love quadangle, and to expand the rivalries more, they define their characters’ involvement among each other.

Sanya plays Angela Alonzo, the girl who possesses power of healing through haplos. But more than that, Sanya defined her character as a loving one.

“Sobrang mahal na mahal ko yung pamilya ko at mahal na mahal ko dito si Gerald,” she then added, “Tingnan natin kung saan ang kakayanin ng pagmamahal at kung kakayanin ba ng pagmamahalan ang kasamaan.”

Angela’s loving and responsible boyfriend, Gerald Cortez, will be played by dashing leading man Rocco Nacino. For Rocco, he will be the man in between Angela and Lucille. For him, the biggest challenge is for how the two girls will fight for their love for him.

Of course, the love story won’t be as exciting as it would be if there will be no other angles.

Meet Lucille Bermudez, played by Thea Tolentino, Angela’s half sister who also possesses unusual power. She will do everything to have what Angela does including Gerald. For Thea, Lucille is “a third party with a twist.”

Completing the love quadangle is Benedict Dizon, portrayed by Kapuso heartthrob Pancho Magno. His character will be head over heels with Sanya’s character and is willing to compete with Gerald for Angela’s affections. Pancho added, “Abangan nila kung paano ba ako makakasira sa kanila (Gerald and Angela).”

The intense heat placed upon as these four defined their love quad lightened up with Rocco’s hopes of riding a motorcycle like Pancho’s character.

Get ready to see more of this love quad once the drama airs. Who’s your bet among the girls? Among the gentlemen?


The leads are siblings who possess unusual powers of Haplos . Though it may be the same power, but one uses it for goodness and the other uses it as sorcery. How similar are they to their characters and what are their preparations?

During the chat, Sanya revealed that she is like Angela. They are both sweet. However, “Ako kasi yung pagkasweet ko makulit, si Angela kasi may pagka-makulit lang.” But later, she admitted that like Angela, she loves her family too.

Haplos is Sanya’s first lead role ever. The actress felt the pressure of having her first lead role because people are comparing it already to Danaya, her former role from Encantadia. With it, she hoped that, in Haplos, people will see her as human Angela rather than sanggre warrior Danaya.

To overcome such pressure, Sanya confessed her preparations. “Nanonood ako ng movies na related sa Haplos. Nanonood din ako ng mga local series dito at humahanap ako ng medyo malapit kay Angela.”

We can’t wait to see Angela Alonzo, Sanya!

Playing her half sister slash rival is another Kapuso actress Thea Tolentino, who is known now for playing good villain roles. She and Sanya (together with Pancho) once worked in Half Sisters (stars Thea and Barbie Forteza).

While in the middle of the question and answer portion, a fan praised Thea for playing antagonist roles effectively. Her co-actors took this chance to know why she is effective in doing so.

Rocco initiated the interview asking if what she would take as role: bida or kontrabida. Without hesitation, Thea answered kontrabida.

To justify her answer, Thea explained, “Dati kasi, yung mga bida, puro api-apihan. Parang santo. Parang hindi siya tao sa sobrang bait.”


As the hidden fight and rivalry between the half sisters happen, two men will appear in their lives. Behind their handsome image is a mysterious identity. One is the lover and the other is a devoted suitor.

These two men who will come in between will be played by two of GMA’s hottest actors namely Rocco Nacino and Pancho Magno.

Both Rocco and Pancho have worked with Sanya before in Encantadia. They play warriors for the sanggre’s while Rocco sticks as the love interest. But still, Pancho also once landed a place in Sanya’s heart, that is during Love Hotline’s Sister Rivalry episode with Rochelle Pangilinan.

Knowing that Sanya is having a huge age gap with the two guys, it did not become a hinder for the three to create chemistry with each other.

For Pancho, working with Sanya and Rocco in Encantadia often four times a week helped a lot. “Syempre iba na rin yung almost magkakascene din kami. Syempre iba na rin yung chemistry as workmates, so madali na lang.”

For Rocco, the continuous blessing of working with both Sanya and Pancho after a year of Encantadia helped maintain the chemistry that was already built.

Rocco, however, added “Kailangang makita nila na different na yung characters. Hindi na Hitano, Danaya at Aquil. Dapat, ano na, Benedict, Angela and Gerald.”

Speaking of Sanya, back in Encantadia, they have been an established love team “RocSan” because of their chemistry as witnessed by the fans. Rocco confessed that when he received the call about the new drama offering, he immediately asked if Sanya will be joining and jumped for joy when she is confirmed to be. He felt grateful for the chance to be working with his leading lady in Encantadia once again.

“Hindi basta basta yung, ano, magkakaroon kaagad ng project. A lot goes on. Sometimes you have to wait bago ka magkaroon ng bagong project, bago magkaroon ng isa pang show. So bihirang mangyari to e. So ibig sabihin may tiwala sa amin yung network and they trust that kaya namin ito. We feel very grateful at the same time challenged din kami.”

As for the intimate scenes like kissing scenes, Rocco assures he will guide Sanya in doing so.


As heavy as their love quadangle are the news of their respective love life. From the real score of Rocco and Sanya to Pancho’s engagement. Aside from talking about their show and their connection as co-actors, the fans also got the interest to ask about the status of their hearts.

Because of the believability of their teamwork, fans concluded that maybe there is something going on between Sanya and Rocco. However, unlike their Angela and Gerald, these two admitted that they have just grown closer. In addition, Sanya added, “Hanggang dun pa lang kami kasi priority pa lang namin ngayon is work.” With this, Rocco supported, “We’re comfortable with each other and work muna.”

On contrary to what these two admitted about their current status, Thea Tolentino, who is linked with GMA Artist Mikoy Morales, simply answered “ Basahin niyo na nga lang yung articles.” But then, later confessed that the artist’s latest song “Sana” was actually written during their break up.

The happy man who happens to read all these “What’s The Score” issue about his co-actors is happily engaged to Kapuso actress Max Collins. However, when the threesome asked Pancho about how he proposed to his fiancee, he remained silent. Instead, he happily answered the fan who asked if he and Max can work as love teams too oncam.

Whatever status their hearts are right now, they are still aware of the different things about love. For love advises their fans want to hear, they honestly gave it to them.

For Rocco, “Failed relationships help you to be a better person. Failed relationships would pave the way to best relationship that you’d ever have.”

With this, Pancho continued, “Kahit may family na, never ending dapat talaga ang growth.”

Thea just agreed.

Listening is the “no boyfriend since birth” Sanya Lopez. But her dear onscreen partner, Rocco, asked her if what advice can she give based on her suitors.

Sanya simply said guys should be patient, “Kapag ang isang lalake mapagpasensya, gentleman and nirerespeto ang isang babae, mas mabilis sagutin ng babae. “


To lighten up the questions about the show and their personal lives, the cast also shower some fans with trivia. The trivia includes their favorite songs, dream roles and favorite travel destinations.

For their favorite songs, the quad sang few lines about it. Being teased by Sanya, Pancho became the first to reveal and sings his favorite song Heaven by Bryan Adams. Rocco also revealed his favorite song that he plays every morning. It is Frank Sinatra’s Come Fly With Me.

As for the girls, as joined in jam by their other co-actors, Thea Tolentino’s was Up Dharma Town’s Tadhana while Sanya Lopez is her mall show song Same Ground by Kitchie Nadal.

Just like any actors, these four also have their dream movie. For Rocco, he hoped it would be something like Zombie Apocalypse. For Pancho, he wants to do a dramatic time travelling movie like The Flash. As for the ladies, they hoped to have some superhero movie like Wonderwoman.

For their favorite travel destinations, both Thea and Pancho shared that their individual Japan trip was memorable. Sanya on the other hand, shared her most unforgettable Canada trip.

On contrary, Rocco shared to the fans that he dreams of travelling in New York because he has never been there.


In between series of question and answer, the cast began to have fun. There were two set of games. One was the Imitation Game and the other was Dugtungan Game.

During the Imitation Game, the cast should imitate their co actor’s pose in their photos from social media. They had so much fun teasing each other while imitating them.

Rocco emphasized that they should follow his eye expression, Thea proudly showed her sakit-ngipin pose and the most hillarious of all, Sanya showed Pancho’s photo with his abs exposed. His lady love in Haplos even counted his abs in the photo in front of the camera. “Marami siyang abs. Five.” Sanya playfully revealed.

The second game was Dugtungan, wherein from a word they picked, they should sing a song which begins from that word and the cycle goes on. Supposed, there will be winners and losers because it is a battle between Rocco and Sanya against Pancho and Thea.

The funniest things about this game are their nerve cracking expressions in thinking about what song to sing which begins with a word given by the opposite group. It was Sanya who gave the most hillarious answers like, “GIMME GIMME (Hit me baby) one more time” or “FUNo (Paano) ba ang magmahal”. In the middle of the thinking, Pancho suddenly belted “And SKY (I) will always love you” making the everybody laugh including the fans who are surprised that this serious-looking hunk actually has some sense of humor. As a result, Pancho and Thea’s team won.

On a serious note, Sanya really sings well. When she started singing “Sandali na lang….” supportive Pancho shouted, “Wow, ang galing!”

The game with declared losers are already prepared to be punished with consequences when Pancho humbly declared, “Walang natalo. Lahat panalo.”

Then they ended the live chat with promotion of their show.

Pilot episode of Haplos will be this July 10, 2017 after Impostora on GMA Afternoon Prime.**



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