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I may be a fan of a lot of celebrities but only few are close to my heart. One of them is Joseph Marco. I became a fan of Seph (as I fondly call him) because of Sabel (starring Jessy Mendiola). I admit that at first, it was because I was under Second Lead Syndrome and I love how his overall physique expresses his character, Raymund.

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However, as time goes by, I discovered reasons why I became a fan more than just physical. He is humble and kind, and I like how, as an actor, he was able to bring his characters on social media and make audience love them even more.

While others just discovered that he is good in comedy, I already know it way back in Sabel. His character Raymund in Sabel was playful, in pain but love. My first and still one of my favorite.
Short but with firing presence River Cruz in Dolce Amore. He was being hated by Liza-Enrique fans. The actress was intimidated of him. I am so proud of it. It means he slays it, because he was good in his third wheel role. As always. That’s my guy!

Simple gestures like that made me enjoy and love my being his fan for six years (and counting). That is why whenever I would hear Joseph having new projects, I would always find ways to watch it and rant all my feels about him and his characters on social media.

One of my favorite photo of Joseph Marco. So hot!
Seph H
But then, even if he was covered with clothes, he is still hot.  He has that charm and charisma. The camera really loves him. So irresistibly handsome!

Going back to my being a fan because of his physical attributes, I do think Seph is indeed one of the hottest actors in the industry even when he has his shirts on. Whenever I would look at his photos on the internet, it seems like the camera loves him so much that it brings out the being most handsome of the guy. With that, I am an avid fan of him on glossy sheets, from Garage Magazines to etc.

For more than six years of being a fan, I have always wanted to meet him in person, which I did when I got a glimpse of him on ASAP. But the real first meeting I had with this favorite hottie of mine was when I attended the block-screening of his first starring movie, My Rebound Girl.


I was excited during that time, but it turned out to be bashful when Joseph entered the venue and recognized me. Then we begin the conversation:

JOSEPH: Hello.. I’ve read your tweets always. Thank you.

ME: Yeah. I’m a fan since Sabel. You’re so hot.

JOSEPH:  Thank you, thank you. Where are you from?

ME: I’m from Iloilo.

JOSEPH: Buti napadpad ka dito.

ME: I work here.

It was short but memorable. I may randomly post stuff about him on social media but I don’t feel bothered to whether he have read them or not. By able to tell me that he do, I think it is a bonus and an honor.

My being a fan does not just end with after meeting him. It was just another inspiration to be a fan more. After all, aside from enjoying watching his being an actor or a model, he inspires me in smallest ways he might not know he actually does.

I love you, Seph! Stay as you are!

My First Encounter with Drama King

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Last night was crazy. I came to SM Megamall to attend the event of LLB when I found out that #TheEscort will be having their second premiere night (first was at Trinoma).


We waited for hours until the stars arrived. While others came to see Derek Ramsay and ate Lovi Poe (who is so gorgeous), I came to see Christopher de Leon. While others are stuck in the front, I got stuck at the entrance where guards are absent.


The stars now arrived. The first to enter was the Drama King himself. One of the best actors in the Philippines. In fact, the best among the rest for me. Because I was on a solo flight on that spot, I screamed at him, he looked at me and shook my hands for like long seconds. I was starstruck. He was an oldie but he is still so swoon worthy. They were a rush to walk in so I have no selfie with him.


That is why the experience is not enough. Call me a demanding fangirl of him…YES.

I want tons of selfie with him.
I want to watch all his movies from past to future.
I want a one on one conversation with him.
I want to write movies and have him as one of the cast.

…and I cannot wait to watch his latest film: THE ESCORT showing on November 2. Sometimes, the least appreciated themes are the good ones.


The Fangirl Rejoices at Luna 2016

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Last September 18, 2016 is the 34th Luna Awards of Film Academy and my fangirl heart rejoices because one of my favorite films of all time, Heneral Luna, swept away 10 of the 12 awards of the said award giving body.


I was inside the venue since I was an employee but I cannot help but scream my lungs out every time the movie’s title was called. Well, I actually expect the result already because the movie was really superb.


Not only that because Heneral Luna awards that my fangirl heart, but also because I met some huge personalities in the local industries.

What a night it was! See you next awards night!

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Ang Tulay Blockscreening: The Screams and The Honor

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Unlike the usual block screenings wherein the fans would arrange for the celebrity, this time, it was the actor who arranged the block screening for his fans.  What an honor it is for me and my Joemanics sisters. I guess this is not just an ordinary block screening but a kind-of kick off for the celebration of the 10th showbiz anniversary of one of my favorite underrated actors, Joem Bascon.

Even during the first time we met Joem, he would always mention to us that one of the thing he aims to do as he turned a decade on the entertainment industry was to hold block screenings for his fans of movies he is starring at.

From left: Peachy, Salve, Dett, Rein, Gizelle

Few days back before the screening happened, he was cast as the main character for an independent horror film entitled ANG TULAY NG SAN SEBASTIAN, being featured in a film festival. During the announcement of winners, we heard him as one of the nominees for the best actor spot.

During the last day of the screening, we were invited by Joem to watch this horror film with him. Mind you, most of us consider it as our first horror film ever (because we hate it) but because we love this actor so much, we just cannot say no. Actually, this screening was arranged by the management handling him, Star Magic of ABS-CBN as a congratulatory gift for his being a best actor nominee.

Preparing for the screening to start

The screening happened last March 22, 2016 at Gateway Platinum Cinema. Present during the block screening were Joem Bascon himself, his movie costar Sandino Martin, their director Alvin Yapan and some staff of the movie. Aside from ourselves as  fans, also present to cheer for them are few of the staff of Star Magic.

Director Alvin Yapan of ANg Tulay Ng San Sebastian

Before the movie started, the line producer and the director of the film gave us a short message. For them, Joem (and Sandino) being cast in the movie is one of the best choice they ever did. For them, it is an honor. How nice it is for a fan to hear those words being said towards our Joem Bascon.

With a capacity of 40 person inside the cinema house, we screamed and laughed over that horror film.  While others were seemed to enjoying the whole film, I was trying hard to hide my eyes while watching it because I was so scared. But of course, I finished and understood the film. After the credits, we gave them applause for a job well done.

With indie actor, Sandino Martin
A pose with our Joem Bascon (from left: Salve, Gizelle, Joem, Peachy, Dett)

After we saw the movie, we had some photo op with the actors and the director, that includes Joem. Speaking of this humble guy, we surprised him with blue roses. One thing we like about this guy is that he is not pretentious. What he feels during that moment, he just show it…and during that time, when we gave him blue roses, we feel his sense of awkwardness but thankful for our sweet surprise. Good thing I was able to explain that some countries uses flowers as bouquets for acting awards, that he was able to smile again.

Just a capture of how surprised, awkward yet thankful is our Joem Bascon as we handed him a bunch of blue roses as congratulatory gift for the success of his first block screening. More to come!

As it was also the first time we were introduced publicly as Joem Bascon’s JOEMANICS fan group, the line director of the movie gave us the huge poster of the movie with the signature of Joem Bascon, Sandino Martin and director Alvin Yapan themselves. Currently, that post was on the care of one of my co-fans.

Yes, the movie was scary. Some of us considered it as our first, but considered it too as the scariest ever. However, behind those frights and screams during the movie duration was the honor of being invited in such block screening, with the feeling of humility and warm welcome throughout that event. What’s even greater is that every time we came across Joem, the reasons for us to like him more as an actor and as a person increases, and that night, we got another. More to come!


Ang Tulay poster under the care of Joemanic’s Dett.

It’s not the movie I saw, but a person.

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As what my blog says “If you can’t say it, write it”, so now I want to share my experience during the first movie gala premiere I attended.

I arrived at Gateway Cineplex earlier than what I expected. This is just me. I have this early-bird habit in events like this. Since the event has not yet started, I took the opportunity to capture the venue as well as did a little interview regarding the film festival for one of my articles.


That night, there were two movies which held their gala premiere, Patintero and Iisa, the movie I attended. Without minding the time, I saw the stars of Patintero preparing for their gala. While hiding in the corner trying to capture some photos, I saw a man in his all-black outfit entering the place. To my surprise, he was Mon Confiado, who is one of my favorite actors. I actually bumped into him while watching the people gathering in the area. I got star struck when I saw him, because he was so dashing and hot in his outfit. When I saw Mon, we greeted each other, and he proceeded on greeting his other celebrity friends while I continue on taking pictures.

Mon Confiado, who was so hot in his attire.

Long while, he asked me to join him and the Iisa group for a cocktail dinner just beside the movie house. I kept on refusing his offer in joining the dinner, but how sweet of this man that he pushed me to enter the dinner venue and accompanied me to the table together with his other visitors. I insisted that I should just stay outside, but he also insisted that I should go with him because I was his visitor. Touched and speechless, I just followed his will.

I don’t know who they are but I had a good conversation with them during the cocktail dinner

I continued on my dinner with the three other visitors of Mon. Good thing I was able to have the confidence to converse with them in proper.  While I was having my dinner and fun conversation, I notice Mon went out of the venue. I saw another side of him and it was so cute. He was playing with a bunch of students, who happened to pass by the venue. He was laughing and hugging those fangirls. It was so cute to see someone who is known for antagonist roles doing such things behind the camera. As we would see it, me and my company concluded that him getting the role of Emilio Aguinaldo in Heneral Luna paved way in vanishing the things the audience stereotypes him because of his roles in the past. Now, unlike the usual thought of Mon as the bad guy, rather he is Mon the good guy.

I am starstruck….that he didn’t know.

After the dinner, we proceeded to the cinema house to watch the film, Iisa. But before watching the film, I took the opportunity to take a photo op with him. I just cannot help it, because he was really handsome that night. I’m sure those fangirls he met would agree with me.

The movie, Iisa, was breathtaking, just every aspect of it. I enjoyed it bigtime, not just because Mon was one of the cast but because it is actually an eye-opening film. After watching the film, we applauded the cast and crew for a job well done. Then, an open forum between the audience and the Iisa team happened.10441019_1080075942005671_937344334219473277_n

It is just so nice to hear where the cast got their emotions which they applied on the movie. Hearing the experiences they had while making the film just makes me love the film even more. After the viewing, I also asked for some photo op from its other casts, as well as other personalities I know in the gala.

That experience rather, may be simple for some, but for others is unforgettable already. That accommodating side of Mon I saw, the movie itself, being able to converse with other people I never know and being able to meet different personalities in the entertainment, I consider it a blessing. But the biggest blessing I had that night was being able to see another side of the actor I would never know I would admire not just because of his craft but because I saw how good person he really is.

Paparazzi for Manila’s Finest Preview

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It was indeed intimidating to have friends from the movie industry. Yes, but that shyness could fade if you’ll face them as some actor’s fan or maybe for work.

Jeric Raval at the press conference
Jeric Raval at the press conference

This is the first movie presscon I have attended. It was raining hard that afternoon, but it did not stop the preview and press con to push through. Although it was just a simple question and answer between the media and the casts individually, I enjoyed roaming around capturing the celebrities present, including my favorite Jeric Raval.



I had this all-out fangirl moment with Jeric Raval as I often asked him to pose in front of my camera, ask for his selfie or a video greeting for the fans.

As I would consider myself that day as just a normal fan, Jeric Raval asked me to join in the preview of his movie, Manila’s Finest. I told him that I am too shy since I know that it was supposedly for the casts and guests, but he grabbed my hands and insisted that I should join them in watching.



I enjoyed the film.  The feels of watching an action film has been present, especially seeing Jeric Raval as the main character fighting against his villains like Joko Diaz, has always been classic. I cannot say anything more about the film, but surely, Jeric Raval fans like me would love to see our action star doing his stunts once again. After watching the movie, I congratulated the casts and the staff for a successful one, then proceeded to the usual paparazzi mode to Jeric Raval himself.

The casts and crew of Manila's Finest
The casts and crew of Manila’s Finest

That paparazzi moment I had during the presscon preview was quite nostalgic. As an action movie fan, seeing myself surrounded by action stars was touching that it almost made me cry. With it, I didn’t lose the moment of capturing them in one circle. Too bad, another person I anticipated, Mr. Joko Diaz, was not present.

Do you know what made this press con preview special, aside from my first time attending it? It is being a witness to the smile in the face of Jeric Raval as he was being surrounded by the press and friends from the movie industry. I could still remembered back then, how my co fans and I dared to do petitions and be active in his fan pages just to bring him back. That vision of seeing the fruits of our labor as his fans was overwhelming and blessed.



Another factor, is that I once again was able to appreciate how worth it Jeric Raval is to be admired. To be able to support and be close to him like that was was still like a dream come true for me. I actually felt kilig when he insisted that I should join them in watching the preview, especially when he grabbed me to enter the theater room. I vision this actor as someone who appreciates the efforts and recognizes the people who supports him all through the way.

Right now, I am looking forward to the premiere night and watching the movie in the silver-screen itself with my other Jeric Raval fans in the future. Catch MANILA’S FINEST soon on cinemas.

Chill, My Fluttering Heart, Chill

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My first chill-out experience was colorful. Aside from the fun interviews of the hosts and their guests, I also enjoy watching my favorite stars on the show.
Supposedly, I watched ASAP Chill-out as support to Bryan Termulo. But then, I found out that my youngest favorite celebrity was also a co-host. Double the fun? The casts of Pasion de Amor which stars my favorite Joseph Marco did a short interview in the Chill-out studio, and showed his abs….HE IS HOT…literally. And….bonus, Diego Loyzaga, who was my favorite since Mara Clara days was present because of the ASAP Live Chat.
Here are some of my favorite shots of them during the show:
Successfully,  I have just met two of them, Bryan and Grae, through series of connections.
 As for Grae, all thanks to his mother for allowing me to meet him twice and had a little chat with him.
Ate Melisa/Grae’s mother: Grae, si Salve.
Grae: Oh hello po. * Grae hugged me* Thank you pop ala dun sa sinulat niyo – referring to my article about his Bridges of Love performance
*shake hands*
Me: You deserve it. Galing mo. Galing mo kanina sa Chill-out.
Grae: Thank you po. Okay lang po ba ako dun?
Me: Oo naman for a newbie, may mga mali, pero okay na okay.
Grae: Thank you po.
Me: Sure. See you again soon.
 And for Bryan, given that I listed my name under his fans club, I had this opportunity to meet the most humble celebrity in showbiz, for the second time around.
Ate Yoshie: Bry, from Iloilo.
Bryan: Oh Hello. **hugged me**
Me: Our second meeting.
Bryan: Ahh sa Miag-ao?
Me: No Hotel del Rio.
Bryan: Ahh yung sa SM.
 **Then he hugged me again**
Let me just shout it out: KILIG AKOOOOOOOOO..
Definitely more Chill-outs to come. The segments were fun and the celebrities were nice.