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19437769_1607450715934855_7468245513787667917_nA man who has no sense of taste and smell at all and a girl whio can see smells. Together they teamed up in a fun and nerve wrecking drama to go against the handsome serial killer of a barcode murder.

This drama showed an interesting topic of a girl who can see scents instead of smelling them through her nose and a barcode murder case.

I did not mind the romance at all that is why I have enjoyed it. The lead stars Yoochun and Shin Se Kyung gave me a satisfying performance. Se Kyung didn’t made me feel annoyed by her performance. She has this charm in playing the character. Yeo Jin Soo surprised me as she plays her character. So as for the rest of the police squad though sometimes they play stupid.

The one who stands out the most in this drama is Nam Goong Min, the serial killer. He is so flawless yet damn excellent in playing various emotions of his character effectively. The unique, smart, charming and lonely characteristics of his character made you hate and love him at the same time though he is too handsome to be a villain. Also, I also feel some chemistry with him and Shin Se Kyung.

I really love the process of the investigation of the murder case involving the four main characters. They seem to connect in each other well. However I also feel that there are some things missing on the finale episode. It seems like a rush.

I still enjoyed it. Though not the best, but there’s one best thing in this: NAM GOONG MIN AS CHEF KWON JAE HEE, THE SERIAL KILLER OF THE BARCODE MURDER.






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19030568_1588343647845562_2297940143953896879_nJiYoon, is an aspiring professor of the modern days lost her credibility because of a controversial painting. This painting is connected to a famous painter in Joseon, Saimdang. Their lives are similar and parallel in some ways. But they have one goal: to seek for truth, to bring back the lost credibility, to live the life that they wanted and to save the people they love.

The first two episodes were off. The attack of the modern set up was slow. However, when the sageuk began to enter, that was when the drama started to be in place. I felt the warmth as the story moves forward, from Saimdang’s childhood, her failures and success and her unforgettable romance with Lee Gyeom. The cinematography, poetic dialogues and the soundtrack helped a lot. I especially like it when Saimdang’s image as a woman, a wife and a mother showed some similarity as Ji Yoon’s (the present counterpart). Almost every thing about the two characters feels like magic. I feel like I was reading the diary also. I also love the mysterious entrance of the modern Song Seung Heon. I hoped that he would meet Ji Yoon earlier than I expected it to be but I guess they did the charm of saving the best scene for last. This is not an excellent modern told sageuk for me because of some annoying present scenarios of the series, but at least those mentioned with good words are indeed something which made my heart joyful while watching. Great appreciation to the performance of the cast, rookies Park Hye Soo and Yang Se Joong for their palpable chemistry, the cast in the sageuk era, Jiyoon’s family and friends, Lee Young Ae for being so awesome in playing two fantastic characters and Song Seung Heon for delivering my most favorite performance of him to date.

Good Manager CHIEF KIM

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From being gangster’s only ally when it comes to finances, he entered the corporate world. At first, Seung Ryeong thought of it as a wider opportunity for him to grab out money to be used for his dream trip to Denmark. Unfortunately, what lies ahead of him at TQ Group, one of Korea’s largest companies, are dozen of frauds and anomalies between leaders and the company members. Because of an unusual incident, he became a hero. This started out the twisted things which supposed wouldn’t happen to him: to straighten what is crooked with that company. As he plans strategies, he came across people who helped him to succeed in clearing out the bad weeds and those who wants to put him down out of their greediness. Among of them are three persons who are always tagging along with him: Ha Kyung, the boyish but loyal accounting personnel, Ga Eun, the nerdy but a secret spy in the company and Yeol, the finance director whom he considers an enemy he cares for.


In a world full of heavy drama, fusion sageuks, suspense thrillers and romantic comedy, here appears a drama with just plain fun. I am talking about Chief Kim, KBS’s hit drama for the first quarter of 2017. If you would read how I interpret the story, it is just that ordinary. But the summary is not enough. What is the biggest present of this drama to its audience are what are the compositions of it: from cast to scenes. I am taking it literally, they are extraordinary. Aside from the fact that they make you laugh, they are fun and entertaining as well as you can get life lessons from it. I would not say an example but really, what they always do are fun, witty, smart and exciting.

Chief Kim is one of those dramas which I consider as something with solid casting. Solid which means, in whatever ways they have this chemistry. The reason why their being comedic was loved is because even the cast themselves obviously enjoyed what they do. The cast of this drama is composed of rookies, seniors and veterans.

Who leads them all the way is Chief Kim himself, played by the ever versatile Nam Goong Min. They say that his role is like of his character in Beautiful GongShim, but for me, not. In whatever angle, even from being fun, they are different. Dan Tae looks stupid in his being fun. I see less sincerity in him when he does his comedy tricks, but with Seung Ryeong, his being fun and seriousness is always in place and he doesn’t act stupid, but witty. When there is a protagonist, there is an antagonist. Here is Seo Yul, played by idol-actor JunHo of 2PM. He is so damn good. I cannot believe at one time he can make me hate him and on the next, I would laugh at him. I do not know if it is just the character or there is this charm in him which made me love to hate his character from beginning to end.

They played it is like they seem to enjoy it. When I would watch their behind the scene videos, I could tell that they enjoy it. Even the frienemy bromance that lies within Yeol and Seung Ryeong is very visible. They are like the lifeline of this drama. Junho is sure so lucky enough to work next to the great Nam Goong Min who allows his character to do crazy things on him and after the director cuts the scene, they rush and hug at each other. Aw!

The two ladies in the drama came as a spice in their life. Ha Kyung, played by the beautiful Nam Sang Mi is the bridge for the two characters and the bad and the good side of each of them. Honestly, there is no huge love line connecting her and the two men, (except that Yeol has a crush on her), but the chemistry is more visible than those dramas with huge love line. That is when team work happens. Ga Eun, on the other hand,serves as the fun spy and assistant of Seung Ryeong in his plans against TQ Group. (Gladly she did not have love line with Seung Ryeong. It will put me in awkwardness if there is because in their former drama Rememeber, which I love, they act as siblings, perfectly),

Other cast includes veterans and rookies who plays as enemies (the Chairman and subordinates), allies(lawyers, gang boss, minions and company settlers) and colleagues (TQ’s Business Operating Group) at TQ Group. Each has distinct charm and connection to the four leads which you would enjoy.

With utmost recommendation, I want KDrama fans to take a break from the usual offers to us and add Chief Kim in their list. If you would not believe that this drama is nonrelatable, then just think of it this way. In Hallyu, we need dramas like this. Dramas like Chief Kim with presence just allowed us to laugh and laugh because in life, as they say, LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE.

Marriage Not Dating

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Whether we admit it or not, all of us really never want to be alone. For whatever excuse we would make in order to cover up that loneliness, that would still be discovered. Because whatever it may be, we would always search for that someone who will be by our side, may it be a friend, a family, an acquaintance or a lover.
If you have been a fan of Korean Drama for so long, you would know it, if a drama is giving you sincere romantic comedy or just placing pleasures of cheesy lines and romance to make it look like “romantic comedy”. Being a sincere romantic comedy is more that just being romantic comedy, but being able to let the audience embrace every character, actors and every second of the scenes in the drama from beginning to end. With it, chemistry just overflow, or I should call it team work. This is what happened with my experience with Lovers in Paris, Princess Hours, She Was Pretty and Oh My Ghost (my favorite romcom dramas to date). Now, I consider MARRIAGE NOT DATING as one of them.

Admitting that the overall story is my cup of tea (fake engagement, love triangle, family issues, food, etc.) this drama showed me that sincere side of story telling which would make me say “Ahhhh” for kilig than “Eeeeeh”. Each characters does not just give each other a satisfaction of romance. They fill empty spaces within one another in order for them to be complete. You can feel it. You will embrace it.

I like the set of cast of this drama. Overflowing chemistry it is from Yeon Woo Jin to Han Groo to Jeong JinWoon, followed by other side characters. Also commended the ever lovely performance of The Kim Hae Sook who once again showed me another picture of a good mother in a Korean Drama. The soundtrack is just a bonus,. It is just everything in this drama seems falling into place from beginning to end. Lovely!

Beautiful Gong Shim

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Unlike her pretty sister, all her life, Shim is seen as an outcast ugly girl even in the eyes of her parents. For them, every failure in every aspect of their life is connected to her, a black sheep. Until one time, she crossed path with cousins DanTe/JunPyo and Junsoo. DanTe may treat her for fun, but sincerity in his actions showed how he wanted Shim to feel importance as much as he is to the family who longs for his presence. For JunSoo, Shim is the woman who showed him what life is outside the shadow of his mother, thus he treasures this woman in his heart so much. Because of this unexpected torn of love in between two guys, Shim started to grow and develop self confidence enough to face the world and to face love. She discovered that her beauty is her within.



Nothing’s new here: company and family matters, jealousy and a Cinderella like fairytale with an ugly girl being torn in between two hot guys.

Nothing is really new if you look at the plot like that, but if you see them outside the box, something is new: The Female Lead. She is described as an ugly duckling here but she never see things as if they are like in fairytales. She does not allow herself to be someone who is pitiful and a damsel in distress just like some KDrama female leads. Shim accepts what she has and just the way she is. Without a doubt, those sincere acceptance and living the life as herself made her beautiful and be loved by both Joonsoo and Dante. She also does not fantasize that just because she is loved by two guys is craving for their attention. She, in fact, rejected JoonSoo because she lacks confidence that she is worth to be loved.

Min Ah of Girl’s Day nailed this role without an overreacting sight, at least for me. She even nailed her wig. She deserves the award she got last SBS Awards. Although I was not much impressed with, Nam Goong min give a good performance and as of Ohn Ju Wan, well, a rise of my Second Lead Syndrome is his really sweet character.

I thought it will be focused on the sisters plot but it diverted on both guys that is one of my disappointments aside from some unnecessary scenes. Overall, through Minah and my Second Lead Syndrome, I enjoyed this drama and recommends it to those who craves for good vibes.

Dear My Friends

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One of the most unforgettable line of this drama is that “LIFE IS A SOAP OPERA”. Just like that, these oldies pictured out that life, whatever age we may be, is the same. We laughed, we cried, we fall in love, we feel rejected and so on.

This is the first Noh Hee Kyung drama I have ever appreciated. It is so beautiful, the life of being “youthful” in the eyes of oldies. Nothing beats the feeling of watching it and relating your younger self in each of the character as well as seeing their vision of being and feeling youth.

Do not say that this drama is boring just because the cast are all oldies. There are a lot of really emotional moments and there are also a lot of kilig and funny moments. It still has that cheesy love stories we used to have too. Even cheesier. It is just that with this drama, it offers a meatier story of life and love with great actors.

This drama is a rare thing to happened. A drama starring a bunch of respected actors and actresses in Korea, isn’t it that interesting to see? Before they were just the grandparents and parents of our favorite Hallyu stars, but in here, they star in their own love stories and lives.

With the help of Go Hyun Jung’s perfectly imperfect character, we can reflect and sometimes see ourselves as she narrates every event in the lives of the senior friends.

These three handsome bonuses Jo In Sung, Daniel Henney and Shin Sung Woo and the stellar performance in drama of the known comedian Lee Kwang Soo, definitely we cannot say “I won’t watch the drama.” Unforgettable and one of the best dramas I ever saw as a Korean Drama fan. MUST WATCH. WORTH TO KEEP.

Something About 1 Percent

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Compare and contrast of the original and the remake. Note: Cast (original) Kang Dong Won and Kim Jung Hwa, (remake) Ha Suk Jin and Jeon So Min.

A love story grew through a fake engagement- one of the few plots I will always love in a story.


Both have strength and weaknesses. The original drama has the story but the remake has the heart to make audience feel the story.

I like both versions of leads Da Hyun and Jae In and grandfathers but speaking of supporting cast, I like the set of the latest. They did not overlap the leads, like Hyun Jin and Tae Ha who, in the older version, developed their love story throughout the drama, but in the remake, Hyun Jin became a best friend to Da Hyun while Tae Ha became a rival, as what the old man’s will says, and then their love story began when the drama reaches its finale.


See the justice to the leads? The older version, though the leads shine too, but the second couple became scene stealer and the thrill was kinda off. However there is one thing I miss in the remake which I love in the original: the series of interactions of Da Hyun and the Chairman. It was important because he was the reason of all, but the remake still managed to make it sincere as a story and as how its characters are from beginning to end. The OSTs of the remake too are so beautiful. I got feels. Sincere ones. Unforgettable. No pressure.