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Set Visit: A Love To Last

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So I still believed that this set visit is not something I am proud to treasure, however I am thankful for the experiences of arrogance and rejections (I am the Queen of REJECTIONS) for me to use in the future. For me, other than my simple interactions with the stars of the entertainment industry, those incidents are the most important things because it allowed me to grow as a person and as a fan both for personal use and in the corporate world. I would not get into details about what happened that day, instead what good things happened that day.

I didn’t know that the show which would be on location taping was ABS-CBN’s A Love To Last. I honestly fell in love with the trailer of this new soap opera at plans to watch it after it was finished airing. But unfortunately, some actor I don’t like was in the cast …. good thing he didn’t last in the show so finally, yes, it is in my list.

I was on my way back to the office after some refreshments when I bother to ask an employee about what show and who the stars for the said shooting are. And there, he told me it is ALTL with Julia Barretto, Ronnie Alonte, Ian Veneracion, Khalil Ramos, among others. I was delighted because I love most of them (based on my sight of the clips), and as for my blogger side, I would always love to do an interview with them (unfortunately that didn’t happened, because **back to the introduction**) so there.

I took a peep on Jules and R2 doing their scenes as Chloe and Tupe (eehh my VKJ feels). Uhmm it was an observation….a learning observation (I always learn something to whatever I saw especially if it matters to off-cam things). It seems that it was an intense scene, because they were in the middle of the argument (about Red, the hot third wheel). Because the scene was as intense as it, I forgot to ask for the photo of these two, but I captured a BTS of the argument.

Julia and Ronnie in an intense argument. Hmm I smell jealousy!

I told myself I would just do those things after work (good thing my place was walking distance from the location)….(then going back to the introduction). However, I still find time to take selfie with some of the cast.

First one I bump was Claire, who plays Gena, the woman in the life of Tupe (R2). It was her break so I had the time to chat with her. She’s beautiful and approachable. She shared to me how she’s happy to be working with Julia again and how nice Ronnie is in the set.

with A Love To Last’s GENA

Fast forward, office time is over. I rushed to the set and waited for other stars, unfortunately, they were in a hurry because some scenes they took will be airing for that night….and I became Miss Rejected Always that day.

Never mind. I still have find time to take a photo with one of my favorite veteran, Ian Veneracion, who was so cute when he asked about cigar. (Hihingi lang daw siya ng yosi aarte pa. Basta daw umuusok okay na ^^). Cuteness overload in the set. Everyone calls him “Papa Ee. He was on his way out of the location when I asked him for a selfie (even if Miss Rapunzel permits me not to, sir Ian was so nice to say yes).

One of my long time veteran actor crush, Ian Veneracion. Still so handsome!

Then…here comes handsome (and hot in his bigote) Khalil Ramos. This talented man, I don’t know when did I started recognizing him, but yes, I know I am an off and on fan. He plays Red Hernandez, hopefully would not replace R2’s Tupe in my heart. He nailed his character’s entrance.

The handsome Khalil Ramos. C an’t wait to see more of his character, Red Hernandez, in A Love To Last.

Not minding that I became Miss Rejected Always that day, the experience of being able to deal well with people like Miss Rapunzel is there. Aside from that, it made me realize that the stars are usually not the bad ones. It is the people around them who prevented them to show their purpose to people who took them to the spotlight they have – their fans.

Deleting that incident in my mind, I still am looking forward on watching the whole drama once it has finished airing.*

Adventure Food Park

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Adventure Food Park: Your one stop for delicious foods at affordable price

Located few blocks away from Gilmore LRT 2 Station Aurora Cubao, this food place is exactly as its name. When you look at it just from the entrance, you would judge that it is just an ordinary resto bar, but the interior of the food park is different. Welcoming you and your friends is a space full of wooden tables, chairs and even swings. In the center, spotted a standing microphone and some sounds for confident customers who would like their voices to be heard through a song or some spoken poetry.  Surrounding the area are almost six different cafes and resto which offers different foods and drinks at a very affordable price.


That day, my food buddy is Kia. Luckily the place she picked was few walks away from the mall I often go to unwind with. We arrived at the place just as few minutes before it opens, so we just enjoyed whatever was open.

The first on our menu is Fries Pizza. It was beautifully plated and so delicious. However, it was salty that I can hardly swallow to finish the plate. Or maybe that day as just not our luck to eat some non-salty fries.

Our next destination is a cute café. We were both attracted to its interior and exterior design. It seems like it was designed to bring the customers the food and house feels.
I ordered waffle (really big) topped with chocolate, Nips and white cheese. Added to my choice is vanilla shake (tallest glass I have seen so far), since I am not fond of milk shakes. Their milk shakes by the way are prettily decorated on top that it is so irresistible to drink.  As for Kia, she ordered a simple breakfast menu of ham, potato buns, eggs and rice. Mind you, the foods of the café are very delicious and really affordable, plus you can just feel your stomach aching for being full after.


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We ate our orders on the second floor of the café. The second floor is surrounded with short tables, ala traditional Korean style. But of course, rules must follow. Shoes should be left in the shoe rack right beside the stairs.

Aside from the tables, we were also surrounded with pillows and some colorful deigns above. What was so fascinating in the place is that it is not really just for somewhere to eat with your friends, but really meant to even for unwinding from the busy life outside the café. Stuffed toys and flower crowns are also present for you to enjoy.

When you think of some food adventure to go with a very good food and affordable price plus the best place to relax and Have some chat with your friends, I suggest you to try Adventure Food Park. One stop for Hungry Ninjas like my friend Kia and me.

Sweet Notes from Toblerone and Solenn Heusaff

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This was just an unexpected one. I happened to read Solenn Heusaff’s tweet regarding her SM Megamall Toblerone event. Since I couldn’t deny the fact that I am a fan of this nice lady, I came to the event myself.


It was Toblerone’s launching of their chocolates with Valentine’s Day inspired packaging. The package comes from unique artworks from different artists including Solenn herself.

The event was short. They had a short introduction of this special chocolate packaging and let Solenn met selected customers and have their special Toblerone signed by her. Of course, I was one of the selected customers.



More than being able to have my own Toblerone chocolate with the special drawing of Solenn, I also got a sweet conversation with one of the ladies I look up as a role model. She is not just beautiful but also smart and nice. Without a doubt, she is indeed this generation’s IT Girl. But more than her being tagged as an “IT girl” she is very down to earth and friendly with her fans. Short but sweet meeting indeed and I look forward to more fangirl events with Solenn.




Fuji Film PhotoFest Launch

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I was just having fun at Timezone when I noticed an event in the ground floor of Trinoma Mall. It was for the launching of thew new product of Fuji Film InstaX. Since the event is for free, I dare to try to get in.


The other side of Bea Alonzo


Greece in the eyes of James Reid.

Getting in was not easy though. I still look for Wifi areas just to download the required applications to be used in their activities.

Since it is a launching, I spotted some celebrities in the runway endorsing the new product. I saw Louise delos Reyes and Fuji Film’s Brand Ambassador Bea Alonzo holding the new camera.


Channeling photography in me. I really wanna have one of their camera.

The Fuji Film Photofest, as what they call, required the people to have a “passport-like” thing, which includes Travel, Food, Fashion and promo to join them in. And here are some photos I captured….using their camera and my phone.


Arrange and capture using Fuji Film InstaX-A3


What is in my Fuji Film Passport.

Love Desserts

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Location: Banawe 915 Banawe St. cor. G. Roxas St. Quezon City

We rode two jeepney before we arrived in the restaurant. We waited for more or less than 10 minutes before we ate plates of delicious desserts.


“I’d rather treat you to a dessert buffet than allow myself to eat a cake alone for my birthday”. This is what Kia told me…yes my usual food trip buddy.


Slices of cakes and ice creams filled our plates. We had I think four rounds before we went home. We had our usual KDrama conversations while eating tons of sweet delicacies. We had  our stomachs bloated with a cheaper treat of dessert buffet.

Too bad I  was not able to capture the food, because I enjoyed eating so much. But the place is as lovely and as delicious looking as the foods we ate.


Till next food trip~!


Precious Pelikula and Peregrine Wonders

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I got this privilege to be invited by my author friend, Sofia, to the special screening of Precious Hearts Romances’ Precious Pelikula.

20160919_064036With PHR author and friend, Sofia

The venue was filled with pocketbook lovers and her co-writers. I was so shy because I came there as a cinephile, but the good thing is that her colleagues were very accommodating to me.

The event started late but it was fun filled. It started with some talk from Precious Pages General Manager, Segundo Matias, sharing to us his thoughts to why he came up of Precious Pelikula. He revealed it as the new chapter of Precious Hearts Romances.


Precious Hearts Romances General Manager, Segundo Matias prouder to present the new chapter of PHR: Precious Pelikula Film-making contest

The movies in Precious Pelikula were made by amateur filmmakers and starred mostly by independent film and theater actors. However, I admit that I was amazed to how some of them managed to use their creativity not to make it into a mess.

Because it is a film-making contest, I based my judgement on the way it is became a “film” and not because it  is a story from a book. My four top choices in this film-making contest and the reasons are as follows:


The six participating films for Precious Pelikula 2016

4. Unconventional: Kiko Matos stars at it. He is a well-known indie actor and I never doubt his credibility in terms of portraying his character. The only thing which disappoints me in this film is the unclear storyline and dark cinematography.

3. Her Own Brand Of Hero: The author, Sofia, told me that this was shot in a studio due to time limitation. However, the creative  mind of the director, Ian Abaya, amazed me on how that studio set up turned out to be beautiful and creative. Just that pleases my eyes. The narrative is good too, however, they should have made it more creative. I like  the lead actress, though her character’s delivery is just plain and simple. At least she showed how ideal she is in the eyes of her leading man.


Her Own Brand of Hero book author, Sofia, with movie director, Ian Abaya

2. Falling For You: What a cute screenplay it has.  It is not kilig, but cute. I enjoyed watching the chemistry of the lead stars. This is the second most film-like movie among the six participants.


My big winner and Precious Pelikula’s Grand Prize winner

1. Me, Myself and Peregrine: Screenplay, production, cast, dialogues, how lovely that it doesn’t look like a work of an amateur filmmaker. Very clear delivery of the storyline and I like the uses of gray scale to identify flashbacks from present. Very good casting, the lead actress, Yesh Bruce, especially Vaughn Piczon, who became a newbie revelation for me. This guy is something to look forward. I see a JC Santos in him in time.


Promising rookie actor, Vaughn Piczon of Me, Myself and Peregrine

Picking Me, Myself and Peregrine is a good choice, because during their awarding last Manila International Book Fair, I heard that it bagged the grand prize for this year’s Precious Pelikula. I can identify the elements why it deserves to be. As what I always say, do not compare books to films, because they are both different in approach. For me, as a cinephile, Me, Myself and Peregrine deserves the awards more than any other five participants.

I hope next year they will go for full length. I really enjoyed it and I am expecting for more next time. Thank you, Precious Pelikula, and see you in your next shows.


During the awarding ceremony. See you next festivals!